Buy A Writer A Meal


Thanks to of our readers, we raised enough cash in our recent fundraiser to cover our base costs. That means the rent is paid, the electricity is on and the site will remain online and delivering free content. It’s a bare bones budget, to say the least, and we fell well short of the target we need to pay our writers what they’re worth.

That’s why today we’re launching a campaign to feed Ben Eltham. You can buy Ben lunch here. You’ll go into the running to win a swanky meal with NM’s national correspondent and you’ll be making a much-needed contribution to our writers’ budget.

New Matilda’s contributors are our great strength. Over the years, we’ve assembled a cohort of sharp and savvy writers to bring you new ideas and fresh perspectives on current events.

We work closely with them to make sure that the articles we publish are accurate and that they don’t parrot the lines getting a run elsewhere. And to be honest, they work hard for us. We want to pay them what they’re worth. Writers need to eat, after all.

We’ve teamed up with Do Gooder to bring you this campaign. Do Gooder is a great new initiative that provides campaigners with an easy-to-use set of online tools to interact with their communities.

See what we’ve done with it — and buy Ben a meal — here.

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