Thanks To All Our Supporters


We are approaching the end of our fundraising month at NM so we thought we would update you on our progress.

The good news is we have almost 500 brand new supporters on our books!

The bad news is only around 300 of our 1300 original donors have renewed their support. If you are one of the remaining 1000, you will lose your supporter status on the site on October 1. It’s not too late to renew! You can do it here.

All up we have 800 supporters for 2012 — which is not enough for us to commit to a year of publishing, but we will be around for a while longer yet.

Thank you to everyone who has pledged their support. We’ve been gratified by the response from our readers who’ve committed cold hard cash to keeping NM online.

If you’ve been waiting for a photo finish, now is the time to sign up. It doesn’t cost much — as little as $4.60 a month — and you’ll be keeping independent media diversity alive. If you’ve already subscribed and want to do more to help, give your networks a nudge and encourage them to become financial supporters of NM too.

If you’re having problems signing up, we’ve set up a helpline to help you solve them this week. Call us on 0426 291 213 and NM writer and office ace Adam Brereton will answer your questions, help you navigate the PayPal interface — or work out another option.

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