NM Is On The Line!


This is the final week of New Matilda’s supporter drive. If you’ve been thinking about whether or not to sign up to NM, now is definitely the time to do so. Do it today! Sign up here. Anyone who signs up by 5pm AEST today — Tuesday 27 September — will go into the draw to win a signed print of the Fiona Katauskas cartoon of your choice from the NM archive.

If you’re having problems signing up, we’ve set up a helpline to help you solve them this week. Call us on 0426 291 213 and NM writer and office ace Adam Brereton will answer your questions, help you navigate the PayPal interface or work out another option.

As we wrote at the beginning of the month, our aim was to sign up 1500 supporters in September. Almost 1200 NM readers dug deep this time last year and kept the site online through 2011. Our traffic is up, the profile of the site has never been higher and we’re still publishing great new content everyday: for these reasons we feel 1500 supporters for 2012 is not an unrealistic target.

So it’s crunch time. We will soon have some tough decisions to make about next year. The more people sign up, the more likely we are to battle through and keep doing it anyway. But we are not prepared to commit to publishing throughout 2012 without the budget to carry us through.

So please don’t delay! And if you need a hand, give us a call on 0426 291 213. And if you get in today, we’ll put you in the draw to win a Fiona K cartoon for your home or office wall. Bonus!

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