A New Model for NewMatilda.com


Since the start of this year, NewMatilda.com has been repositioning itself as an independent news and analysis site. We have been posting more stories daily, we recently set up the extremely successful PollieGraph blog, and we will be launching a new version of the website in the new year.

And, as of today, we take another step towards our aim of remaining a strong and popular alternative to big media in Australia.

Previously, the focus of NewMatilda.com was as a newsletter, but we have steadily been making more of our content freely available, and from today all content will be available free of charge. NewMatilda.com readers will no longer need to subscribe.

Thanks to Fiona Katauskas

We are contacting all current subscribers individually about how this change will affect your relationship with us, but the most immediate effect will be that you will automatically become NewMatilda.com ‘registered users’. This means that you will continue to receive regular updates from NewMatilda.com and you will not be charged for this service or asked to renew in the future.

This shift from a subscriber model to an advertising model reflects global trends and we believe it to be inevitable, given the present configuration of the internet. We will do everything in our power to make the transition as seamless and smooth as possible for all our readers and supporters.

This calendar year, we have already published over 400 articles — a quarter of them from new writers and we’re proud of the fact that we continue to punch far above our ‘weight’. We are also sure that you will be impressed by the look and functionality of the new website which will be unveiled in early 2008.

Thank you for your tremendous support for, and involvement with, NewMatilda.com over the past few years.

We hope you will remain a part of the evolving NewMatilda.com community, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of our new website.

José Borghino

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