ALP National Conference; the Centre for Policy Development


ALP National Conference

The ALP National Conference will be held in Sydney from 27–29 April. With a monumental Federal election looming between John Howard’s Coalition and Kevin Rudd’s ALP, this Conference promises to be a defining moment in this year’s political storyline.

New Matilda is pleased to announce that we will have our regular political columnist Andrew West reporting for us, every day, from the floor of the Conference.

This means that New Matilda will send out a daily email to subscribers and update the website while the Conference is under way.

In the lead-up to the Conference next week, we’ll bring you a brief look at previous important ALP National Conferences and what we can expect from this year’s.

Then, during the weekend of the Conference itself, Andrew will file short reports updating and interpreting the day’s events.

Finally, in the aftermath, Andrew will write about the outcomes of the Conference and what they really mean (for both the ALP and for Australian politics in general) in the context of this election year.

We hope you will enjoy New Matilda‘s coverage of this significant event.

Centre for Policy Development

For the last two years New Matilda‘s Policy Portal has been answering the calls of readers who are tired of hearing all about what’s going wrong and nothing about how to put it right. The Policy Portal has been dedicated to developing ideas for positive change, challenging the critics of current Government policies to propose viable alternatives, and providing a permanent home for our readers and contributors to seek out, develop, and spread the word about those alternatives.

The Centre for Policy Development is now taking over the work of the Policy Portal and moving it onto a new platform where it can grow in depth and impact, as an independent, non-profit think tank. You’ll be able to access all New Matilda‘s policy content on the new Centre for Policy Development website when it goes live next week. Memberships to the CPD will be extended to all current New Matilda subscribers just send a blank email to if you don’t want to take this up.

While New Matilda readers will find a lot that’s familiar about the new CPD site, you’ll also notice some changes. The CPD will hold on to what’s best about the ‘online think tank’ model, with a strong focus on reader feedback and involvement. But it will also put more emphasis on engagement in wider public debate, and on moving its ideas offline with events and print publications. New Matilda‘s founder, John Menadue, will be CPD Chair and Policy Coordinator Miriam Lyons will be Director.

I hope you will join me in following and supporting the CPD as it leaves to make its own way in the world.

José Borghino

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