Author: Martine Delaney

Occasionally known as the Sex-Change Soccer Star Cyber-Tranny Granny, in recent years Martine Delaney has been many things. As an LGBTI advocate and lobbyist, she was a founding member of Australian Marriage Equality, and played a role in successfully lobbying for easier access to helpful passports for trans and gender-diverse Australians. For over fifteen years, she led a Tasmanian campaign which recently resulted in world-leading reforms on birth certificate legislation. Along the way, Martine’s also been the world’s first person to play both men’s and women’s first division football (the World game, not that silly AFL thing), a stand-up comic, briefly dead, a ghost tour guide, a book in the Hobart Human Library and a Greens candidate in a Federal election. All while, with her partner of fifteen years, raising a child who - twelve years ago - was abandoned at their home as a six-week old baby. Nowadays, she finds herself a successfully-emerging screenwriter.