Author: Kristen Lyons, Morgan Brigg & John Quiggin

Kristen Lyons is an Associate Professor and an environment and development sociologist based at the University of Queensland. She has served in advisory roles with Friends of the Earth, as well as the State and Federal Government on issues related to nanotechnology, including governance and public engagement. She is also a senior research fellow with the Californian based Oakland Institute. Morgan Brigg and John Quiggin are researchers at the University of Queensland. Morgan Brigg is Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies at The University of Queensland. He is a specialist in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, governance and innovative approaches to exchange between Indigenous and European-derived political and knowledge systems and philosophies. John Quiggin is an Australian Laureate Fellow in Economics at the University of Queensland and a former Member of the Climate Change Authority. He has written extensively on energy economics and climate change.