Trump Booster Roger Stone Caught On Tape Talking Assassinations; Invokes The ‘AI Defence’


If you thought political standards, particularly in the US, had reached rock bottom… think again.

Overnight, Mediatite revealed that Trump associate Roger Stone has been caught on tape discussing the assassination of two leading Democrat congressmen – Eric Swalwell and Jerry Nadler – with a New York cop, prior to the 2020 election.

“[Inaudible] go find Swalwell, and get this over with. It’s time to do it. Then we’ll see how brave the rest of them are. [Inaudible] either Swalwell or Nadler has to die before the election/ They need to get the message. I’m just no putting up with this shit anymore,” the tape reveals.

For those not in the know, Stone is an open white supremacist and part of Trump’s inner circle. He should still be in prison (for lying to officials and obstructing justice during multiple investigations into Trump’s conduct) but Trump pardoned him before leaving the White House.

And stone’s response to the bombshell revelations? It wasn’t me. Artificial Intelligence dunnit.

That claim – that it was AI – will soon be the ‘go to’ defence for white supremacists and Trump boosters everywhere. Anytime someone is now caught on tape, either audio or video, they’ll claim it was AI. We truly have entered a ‘post-Truth’ world.

Trump himself hasn’t fallen back on the AI defence yet, but it’s only a matter of time before he does.

Brave new world folks, and ChatGPT5 isn’t even out yet.

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