We Watched Kanye West’s Interview With Alex Jones So You Didn’t Have To


New Matilda has typed up minutes of the broadcast between conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, rapper turned anti-Semite Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes on Jones’ InfoWars show earlier this week. This is a literal compilation of what actually happened on the show… well, the first 22 minutes of it. It’s worth reading till the end. And again, just so we’re clear, this is actually what happened (it’s not a parody).

Kanye, who is wearing a rubber gimp mask to hide his face, opens discussions by proclaiming that he loves Jesus, but he doesn’t know that much about him because Kanye’s not an experienced Christian. Kanye then notes that the Apple symbol on his phone actually represents the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.

Kanye suggests that pornography is bad. But Kanye used to think it was really good and he used it a lot and was addicted to it, even when he was with his beautiful ex-wife Kim. Now Kanye recognizes that pornography is sinful, and Kanye agreed with Alex that pornography was probably a government operation to get people to debase themselves so that “they can control us”.

Alex and Nick don’t have Twitter accounts. So Kanye is going to let Alex and Nick tweet from his account. “Do you like that Ari Emanuel?” Kanye asks, followed by an awkward silence (it appears no-one apart from Kanye knows who Ari Emmanuel is, but at the very least, it appears Ari is not in the room to respond). (NOTE to readers: Kanye’s account was suspended the following day for tweeting a swastika over the Star of David).

Nick Fuentes, who had so far been sitting silently, chipped in that Elon Musk was a hypocrite for buying Twitter but not reinstating Alex Jones’ account which was suspended for some “specific reason” (NOTE to readers: the specific reason was that Jones repeatedly claimed the deaths of several dozen first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School was staged).

White supremacist and self-described 20-something virgin, Nick Fuentes.

Fuentes added that “Trump came down the Golden Elevator seven years ago to put America first, to put Christ first and to free the internet”. Mr Fuentes did not appear to be taking the piss.

Alex Jones then mentioned his show was four hours long, but he was just hoping for three hours. (NOTE to readers: The show ended at two and a bit hours). Alex Jones then said the word ‘bullshit’ loudly. He was admonished by Kanye for swearing, and so apologized and committed to not swearing in Kanye’s presence again.

Kanye and Alex then agreed Kanye was a bit like Jesus, because Jesus went and visited convicted rapists R. Kelly and Harvey Weinstein in prison (FACTCHECK: there is no record of Jesus Christ having visited either man in prison).

Kanye then alleged “the Zionists” were trying to get him thrown into jail too, and were behind freezing his bank accounts (FACTCHECK: Kanye’s accounts have reportedly been frozen by the US Government because Kanye owes $50 million in back taxes).

Alex then said he wasn’t trying to steer Kanye’s discussion away from Jesus, but that he would like to talk about Kanye’s plans to bring jobs to America. They then stopped talking about Jesus.

Alex then claimed that while there are good people from every culture, the left offend him by calling him a Nazi because he almost didn’t exist because his both grandfathers fought in World War 2, and if they had died he wouldn’t have been born, so obviously he can’t be a Nazi.

Conspiracy theorist and definitely not a Nazi, Alex Jones.

Kanye then described himself and Nick Fuentes and someone named Ali Alexander as the “swat team of free thought”. Kanye is the person with the “battle ram at the door”, and then Fuentes and Alexander come in with “laser beams of information”. But the media try to single each of them out and then burn them to the core, which is a Zionist approach.

Kanye then said he sees good things about Hitler, and that he loves everyone. But Jewish people are not going to tell him that Hitler didn’t invent highways or microphones. Everyone has good things about them, especially Hitler, who was actually born Christian. Also, African Americans were in America before the Pilgrims were, which makes people like Kanye the actual Native Americans.

Alex Jones added that “Aborigines in Australia are basically Africans”, to which Kanye replied, “well there ya go!”

Kanye added that Rahm Emmanuel was right there sitting next to Barack Obama and Jared Cushner was sitting next to Trump, and what did they both have in common? They were Zionists. Kanye then asked Nick to “expound” on that.

Nick then claimed that Jews were allowed to rape babies as long as the babies weren’t Jewish. Kanye tried to emphasize that point, but Nick then said he wasn’t actually sure if that were really true or not because it came from someone named Adam. It was not made clear who Adam was.

Alex then interjected, describing himself as “quite the historian”, and that he was going to give his “nuanced view” on the issue of Jews raping babies. He then said nothing about babies but noted there were certainly leftists Jews who call everyone Nazis.

Kanye interrupted Alex by accidentally calling him ‘Adam’, then apologised. Kanye said he wanted to talk about Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. Kanye then reached under the desk and produced a small orange butterfly net, and a bottle of Yoohoo (a popular US drink).

Kanye then pretended to be ‘Net and yoohoo’ by adopting a very high falsetto voice, waving the orange butterfly net around, and saying, “It was bad. It was bad [indecipherable]for Nick and Ye. Okay.”

Kanye West, pretending to be Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin ‘Net and Yoohoo’ during Alex Jones’ regular InfoWars show.

Kanye then added, “I had no idea your voice was gunna sound like that Netanyahu.” Kanye then sat back in his chair, laughing to himself, and a brief awkward silence ensued. Alex broke the silence by asking, “So you don’t like Benyamin Netanyahu then?”

Kanye replied: “I just heard about this guy two weeks ago, since the tweet. And I thought he had a funny name.” Kanye then broke into fits of laughter. Alex Jones spoke over the top of him suggesting that the British Government created Hitler.

It’s at this point – 22 minutes and 57 seconds in, that New Matilda stopped taking minutes, because, well, because things just got batshit crazy and it didn’t seem worth continuing. If you want to watch the rest of the video, our first question is WHY? And our second question is also WHY? The video is available for viewing on Jones’ site. Go find it yourself.

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