What’s Happening In The US Is Not A Race Riot



As protests in the United States show little sign of slowing, Steven Oliver wonders how many people actually know what is happening, and more important why it is happening.

We know all lives matter. That’s why we don’t go around kneeling on people’s necks.

Why we don’t gun down a man who was jogging.

Why we don’t shoot children with toy guns.

Shoot a teenager for wearing a hoodie.

Run down one with a car for being on a motorbike.

Elijah Doughty, an Aboriginal youth aged 14, who was run over and killed in Kalgoorlie in August 2016.

Reverse over one for gatecrashing a party.

Work out a story with fellow officers so our lies don’t get discovered about the body we bashed last night, that was found dead in the cell next morning.

Why we don’t walk into schools and places of worship shooting at whoever we please because we got rejected for a date.

Why we don’t shoot someone when they’re angry even though they have a lot to be fucking angry about.

It’s why we aren’t descendants in denial of Empires that travelled the world killing millions who think our being uncomfortable takes priority over solving shit that is obviously wrong, immoral, inhumane, dehumanising, compassionless and simply evil.

You have no right to call yourself a human being if you are okay with this horrible shit that is going on, has been going on and continues to go on because your need to insert yourself into tragedy is the very thing you are an enabler of.

A human being cares about another’s suffering. How can you claim all lives matter while displaying yours matters more.

It had to take centre stage within a person’s death. What a horrible way to be.

What’s happening isn’t a race riot, it’s a morality riot.

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Steven Oliver

Steven Oliver is a renowned Aboriginal writer and performer. He's based in Queensland.