New Zealand Is Trolling The Absolute Sh*t Out Of Australia


New Zealand is famous for rugby, hobbits and hating Australians. In a gentle, loving way. But our cousins across the ditch have taken Aussie-bashing to a whole new level.

Kiwis are basically as friendly and funny as Australians think they are. But the gloves have come off across the Tasman in response to the annual Australia Day lamb ad from Meat and Livestock Australia (which for the first time ever managed to offend almost no-one).

With the possible exception of all of New Zealand.

The basic premise of the ad is that “Australia is the greatest country on earth. But right now, New Zealand is doing Australia better than Australia”. So the proposal is to unite the two countries, and call it ‘New Australialand’.

As you might expect, Aotearoa has responded in typical Kiwi fashion… with a hilarious tourism campaign that responds directly to the lamb ad, and in the process trolls the absolute shit out of Australia by pointing out all the things the Kiwis do better, and did first.

In one graphic featuring delicious New Zealand seafood, the site notes Kiwis have “much much more than Chiko rolls”.

And they point out that New Zealand has caves filled with ice, not snakes.

Even our natural landscape doesn’t escape unscathed. In a section promoting New Zealand’s (admittedly excellent) ski fields, the site includes the line, “Meet Mt Kosciuszko’s taller, cooler, more handsome brother.”

In the words of the media release promoting the site, you can “visit the website now at – it’s just another thing that Kiwis claimed first.”

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