News In Conversation: White Fright, Banal Royals’ Coverage, Uber Comes To Town, And Keeping Out The Nazis


Once a week, News In Conversation is broadcast around the country via the National Indigenous Radio Service. It’s also available as a weekly podcast and features New Matilda editor Chris Graham, Brisbane Indigenous Media Association general manager Kaava Watson, and National Indigenous Radio Service journalist Jacob McQuire.

They delve into the headlines that make the news each week… and ask (and often answer) the question: ‘Why is Australia in so much trouble?’

This week, Graham, Watson and McQuire discuss the banality of the Australian media’s coverage of the Royals; they take a look at the phenomenon of ‘white fright’ and why so many scared white people ring the police to dob in black people (and kids) for things like selling bottles of water without a license, trying to enter their own apartment buildings, and having BBQ’s in public parks.

They also take a look at regional towns getting Uber, and whether or not right-wing nutjobs should be allowed to tour Australia to promote their own special brands of hate.

Add your own views in the comments below… and try and keep it at least as clean as Graham, Watson and McQuire do (hint: that’s not particularly clean).

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