Ella Buckland Responds To Greens’ Jeremy Buckingham Statement Over Sexual Violence Allegations


On August 2 last month, ABC’s 7:30 program broadcast a story about Greens NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham alleging sexual misconduct. The survivor is former Greens staffer Ella Buckland. The allegations made by Ms Buckland were at the centre of a complaint investigated by Greens NSW. The results of that investigation were, according to Mr Buckingham, released this week (the report has not been made public). Mr Buckingham says the investigation exonerated him, and he continues to strongly deny the allegations levelled against him. In a written statement provided to New Matilda and printed below, Ms Buckland responds to Mr Buckingham’s statement earlier this week, which is available in full here.


Former NSW Greens staffer, Ella Buckland.

Statement by Ella Buckland

While I am disappointed by the outcome of my complaint of sexual violence against Mr Buckingham I am not surprised.

Sexual violence against women, while highly prevalent, is seldom successful when it is contested in any complaints procedure.

My complaint consisted of two contemporaneous disclosures, one to a high-profile mental health professional and academic. It involved two videos that showed the tone of Mr Buckingham’s behaviour the evening in question.

I disclosed the incident later, individually, to two men who I trusted and believed to be my friends. This was still not enough to satisfy the investigation in my favour.

Further to my disappointment with the outcome of my complaint, I am disgusted by the behaviour of Mr Buckingham and Workdynamic.

Firstly Mr Buckingham discussed the complaint publicly, saying that a report was due within days. This was expressed to me also by Workdynamic. This was before my witnesses had been contacted. Workdynamic clearly intended to finalise the report without contacting my witnesses.

Earlier this week, Mr Buckingham released a media statement before I had a copy of the report. I was made aware of the report’s ‘findings’ via Mr Buckingham’s media statement. I still have not received a copy of the report.

I feel the NSW Greens have a responsibility to protect women who come forward about sexual assault and harassment. This has not happened for me. Attempts have been made to discredit me personally and professionally, I have been victimised and abandoned by the complaints procedure and the Greens.

I stand by my story. I stand with the other women who have been targeted by the Greens and their supporters for speaking out about sexual violence.

I am deeply concerned about the message this sends to other women who have been victimised by powerful men and organisations.

You can read the media statement from Mr Buckingham in full on his personal site here.

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