It Seems Not Everyone In Parliament Has Forgotten What ‘It’s All About’ – Di Natale Unleashes On Liberals


In the midst of the Australian Government’s most recent public meltdown – when an ineffectual sitting Prime Minister was removed to make way for a dangerous one – you might be surprised to learn that some politicians did actually distinguish themselves in our halls of power that week. And not just for the pettiness of their vision.

Over to the Greens’ leader Richard Di Natale, a man who has admittedly copped a few brick-bats in New Matilda over the years. But credit where it’s due, this is a speech Di Natale delivered to the Senate while the Liberal Party went from naval gazing to serious self-harm.

It’s a side of Di Natale you don’t often see.

It’s worth watching till the end, particularly up to the 5mins 30 seconds mark, when Nationals Senator John Williams interjects to remind the chamber what it really is all about after all….

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