‘Just Grab It’: Hey Donald Trump, We Found A Bar In Adelaide Right Up Your Alley


Women heading off to the Red Square Nightclub in Adelaide over the weekend can expect loud music, drinks… and sexual assault. Jamie Burcide and Chris Graham report.

If Donald Trump ever makes it to Adelaide, Australia and feels like a ‘trip down memory lane’, then we’ve found the perfect nightclub for the world’s most powerful man and infamous ‘pussy grabber’.

Red Square in famous Hindley Street doesn’t just permit the sexual assault of women, it actively promotes it.

Red-square-sexual-assault-originalHere’s the latest post on their official Instagram page, sent out to their 11,400 followers last night, with the phrase, “If you see a good [arse]in the club, just grab it! #rsqmademedoit.”

The post has already had over 250 likes, although unsurprisingly, not everyone appreciated the overt promotion of rape culture.

There was this from follower indiatomasi: “Should you be advertising/encouraging sexual assault on your media page? Probably not a good look” – Red Square saw the error of its ways, and edited their post… by simply dropping the words “just grab it”.

And this from sophlandau: “Encouraging sexual harassment and assault by glamorising a harmful culture like this is only enabling people, regardless of gender, to feel entitled to touch as they please. This is exactly why we feel the need to ‘laugh it off’ or ‘go along with it’ in the fears of being labelled as ridiculous or unreasonable. Unsolicited touching is never okay.”

And this from emmawilczek, “This is goddamn appalling! I mean we all knew that Reds was trashy but enabling and justifying the actions of sexual harassers and fuelling the disgusting rape culture that already runs rampant throughout society- that’s a pretty horrifying new low.”

Obviously feeling a little chastened, Red Square edited their post… by simply dropping the words “just grab it”.


We’ll just let that sink in for a moment….

Red Square’s behavior is not all that surprising. A look through their Instagram page over time reveals countless ‘boob and bum’ photos, but alas, they’re all of women. No scantily clad men in their undies, nor being sexually assaulted, have made it onto the page just yet.

Attempts to contact Red Square prior to publication were unsuccessful. We’ll keep trying throughout the weekend. We’ve also sent an email and official invitation to President Trump.

UPDATE: ‘Darren’, the manager of Red Square, declined to comment on the matter, nor reveal who wrote the post. He referred us instead of PR company ‘Girl About Town’. The chase continues…

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Jamie Burcide is a Communications student in Adelaide. Chris Graham is the owner and editor of New Matilda.