500-Plus Doctors Sign Open Letter Urging Dutton To ‘Show Compassion’ To Refugees


Australian Doctors have once again weighed into the debate over the treatment of asylum seekers by the Turnbull Government, with an impassioned plea for ‘more humanity’ to be shown to some of the world’s most marginalized people. This letter has been written by Drs Alison Skene and Eloise House, and signed by 528 doctors from across the nation.

Dear Mr Dutton and members of parliament,

We, the undersigned, are Australian doctors from a diverse range of fields of practice. We share common goals of duty and dedication to our patients and respect for all human life. We follow the Australian Medical Council Code of Conduct, which states that ‘good medical practice involves using your expertise and influence to protect and advance the health and wellbeing of individual patients, communities and populations’.

We are very concerned about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers who come by boat, and urge you to institute more humane policies as a matter of urgency.

Indefinite mandatory detention of women, men and children is harmful to their physical and mental health. According to a submission from the Royal Children’s Hospital to the Human Rights Commission National Enquiry 2014 ‘detention denies children, adolescents and families the basic environmental requirements for their health, development and their wellbeing…There is evidence that all forms of detention adversely affect parenting, family functioning and the mental health of children, adolescents, parents and families. There are considerable child protection risks…’ Severity of mental illness is related to duration of detention. Despair, self-harm, violence, physical and sexual abuse are predictable and well documented. The most recent files relating to abuse and degrading treatment on Nauru only add to the abundant evidence already available.


Australia’s current policies constitute denial of basic human rights, and are in breach of international conventions, including the right to seek asylum and the right to be free from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. They do not provide a fair, efficient and expeditious system for assessing refugee claims.

The asylum seekers currently in detention, including those in offshore facilities, are under Australia’s care. Our control of these facilities has clearly failed to prevent abuse.

As doctors, we cannot condone or accept treatment of innocent and already traumatised people, particularly vulnerable women and children, which knowingly and deliberately causes harm.

We urge you to immediately close the camps on Nauru and Manus Island and bring all detainees to Australia for rapid processing and appropriate medical and psychological support. Those found to be refugees should be offered resettlement in Australia or other developed countries that offer to take them.

All children currently in detention in Australia should be released with their families into the community, while their claims are rapidly processed.

We request that you urgently investigate the alleged abuses in our offshore detention facilities, including the role of the government and it’s agents, by supporting a high level independent enquiry, preferably a royal commission.

We urge you to work constructively with elected representatives from all sides of politics, regional governments and experts including UNHCR, to develop more humane policies that prevent desperate people attempting to reach Australia by boat.

Above all, we request a change in attitude towards vulnerable human beings seeking asylum to one of compassion and respect. This can be lead from the highest level of government.

Yours sincerely,

Dr A R MacQueen, Addiction medicine physician, Orange NSW

Dr Aaron Coutts, Junior House Officer, Toowoomba, Qld

Dr Abby Douglas, Infectious Diseases Registrar, Parkville, VIC

Mr Abid Khan, Medical Student, Melbourne, VIC

Dr Achala Manchanda, GP Registrar, Essendon, Victoria

Dr Adjoa Mensa, GP registrar, Hillside, VIC

Dr Adrian Gilliland, General Practitioner , Coffs Harbour NSW

Dr Alaa Hassan, GP, Melbourne, VIC

Dr Alessandra Briglia, GP, Hampton, Vic

Dr Alex Wodak AM, Addiction Medicine, Darlinghurst, NSW

Dr Alexandra Kent, Specialist Anaesthetist, Parkville Victoria

Dr Alicia Altson, GP registrar, St Kilda, Vic

Dr Alicia Quach, Paediatrician, Parkville, VIC

Dr Alison Care, Palliative Care Advanced Trainee, Kingswood, NSW

Dr Alison Skene, Pathologist, Heidelberg, Vic

Dr Alison Yhurstans, GP, Bellerive,Tasmania

Dr Alissa Tenney , Paediatrician , Newcastle, NSW

Dr Alyce Wilson, Junior doctor, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Alyson Kelly, GP registrar, Rowville, Victoria

Dr Amanda Newman, GP, Beaumaris, Vic

Dr Amit Maini, Emergency Physician, Melbourne, Victoria

Ms Amy Chan, Medical Student, Footscray, VIC

Ms Amy Gratton, Medical Student, Sunshine, VIC

Dr Amy Keys, GP, Cranbrook, Qld

Dr Andrew Dunlop, Lecturer, Flinders University

Dr Andrew Lovett, Paediatrican, Bendigo, Vic

Dr Andrew Pesce, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Westmead NSW

Dr Andrew Redmond , Physician , Brisbane, Qld

Dr Angela Marsiglio, Anaesthesia, Seddon, Vic

Dr Angela Matthews, GP Registrar, Sandringham, Victoria

Dr Anna Brischetto, Infectious Diseases registrar, Cairns, QLD

Dr Anna Lee, Obstetrician gynaecologist , Ivanhoe, Vic

Dr Anna McElrea, GP, Greenslopes, QLD

Dr Anna Peterson, Paediatrician, Bendigo, Victoria

Dr Annaliese van Diemen, Public Health , Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Anne Dawson, Paediatrician, Bendigo, Vic

Dr Anneliese Perkins , Obstetrician , Ashford, SA

Dr Anthea Woodcock, Rural and remote practitioner, Various

Dr Antonia Jones, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Ary Sudarmana, Paediatric Trainee, Parkville, Vic

Dr Aster, Paediatrics, Qld

Dr Avhan Bhagwat, GP, Kensington, Vic

Dr Barry Matthew Dale, Retired Haematologist, Bowral NSW

Dr Beena Kumar, Pathologist, Clayton, Victoria

Dr Belal Haniffa, HMO, Frankston, Victoria

Dr Belinda Drew, GP, Richmond, Vic

Dr Ben Walawski, GP, Mt Lawley, WA

Mr Benjamin Pojer, Medical student, Caulfield, Victoria

Associate Professor Bette Liu, Epidemiologist, 2052, NSW

Dr Brendan Jubb, Paediatric registrar, Westmead 2145

Dr Bridget Freyne, Paediatrician, 3051, Vic

Dr Bruce Day, Neurologist , Vic

Dr Bryony van Santen, Obstetrics and gynaecology, Albany Creek, Qld

Dr Caitlyn Lovett, Emergency Medicine, New Lambto Heights, NSW

Dr Camilla Holdstock, General Practice, Essendon, Vic

Dr Cara Fox, RMO, Gold Coast, QLD

Dr Carlo Pulitano, Surgical Fellow, Camperdown, NSW

Dr Carly George, Paediatric Oncology, WA

Dr Carmel Mason, Resident, Wollongong, NSW

Dr Carolina Radwan, Resident , Clayton, Victoria

Dr Caroline Bolt, Emergency, Fitzroy, Victoria

Professor Caroline de Costa, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Cairns QLD

Dr Caroline Smith, Consultant Pathologist, Adelaide, SA

Dr Carolyn Berry, GP, Midland, WA

Dr Casey Nottage, Public Health, Adelaide, SA

Dr Catherine Nyuthe, Psychiatrist, Ringwood East, Vic

Dr Catherine Ashes, Anaesthetist, Darlinghurst, NSW

Ms Catherine Brock, Medical Student, Austin Hospital

Associate Professor Catherine Cherry, Infectious Diseases Physician, Melbourne,


Dr Catherine Gibb, Physician, Adelaide South Australia

Dr Catherine Smyth, Medical Registrar, Perth, WA

Dr Cathryn O’Sullivan, General physician trainee, Darwin, NT

Dr Cathy Soufan , Surgical registrar , 4870

Professor Catriona McLean, Pathologist, Melbourne, Vic

Dr Celia Bagshaw, Emergency Physician, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Charles George Luke Summers, Emergency AT, Port Macquarie NSW

Dr Charlotte Lemech, Medical oncologist, Randwick, NSW

Dr Cherry Lau, Emergency physician, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Chloe Lim, Registrar, Adelaide, SA

Dr Chong Zhou, Anatomical Pathology, Heidelberg, VIC

Ms Chrestyl Smoors, Medical Student, Shepparton, VIC

Dr Christine Ahern, GP, Casino, NSW

Dr Christopher Elliot, Paediatrician , NSW

Dr Christopher Lemoh, Physician, Dandenong, Victoria

Mr Christopher Loo, Medical student, Heidelberg, VIC

Dr Christopher Michael Angel, Pathologist, Melbourne, Vic

Dr Claire Helm, Emergency Physician, Kingswood, NSW

Ms Claire Lissaman, Final-year medical student, Fitzroy

Dr Claire Merry , Emergency Medicine, Logan Queensland

Dr Claire Mowry, Paediatric Registrar, Randwick, NSW

Dr Claire Noonan, GP, Orange NSW

Dr Claire Thompson , GP, Millicent SA

Dr Claire Toohey, GP, Elsternwick, Victoria

Dr Clare Boerma, General Practice, Blaxland NSW

Dr Clare-Ann Karunanithy, Psychiatry Registrar, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Claudia Toro, Paediatric oncology fellow, Parkville, Victoria

Dr Cleve Magree, Pathologist, Victoria

Committee of the Australian Chinese Medical Association of Victoria, Medical,

Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

Dr Cristina Murphy, Junior medical officer , Hornsby, NSW

Dr Cristina Shaw, GP, Coolbellup, WA

Dr Dale Stephanie Fox, GP, retired

Mr Damian ianno, Student, Heidelberg, vic

Dr Damien Gilby, Neonatology, Clayton VIC

Dr Daniel Engelman, Paediatrician, Parkville, Victoria

Mr Daniel Ko, Medical student, St. vincents hospital

Dr Danielle Ferraro, Medical Oncologist, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Danielle Harrop, Physician, Victoria

Dr David Cade, Consultant Physician, Deepdene, Vic

Associate Professor David Caldicott , Emergency, Canberra, ACT

Dr David Cameron, GP, South Australia

Dr David Hunchak, GP registrar, Colac, VIC

Dr David Miller, Farah , Brunswick Heads NSW

Dr David Pope, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Elizabeth Vale South Australia

Dr David Robert Clouston, Anatomical Pathologist, Mount Waverley, Victoria

Associate Professor David Templeton, Sexual Health Physician, Camperdown

NSW 2050

Associate Professor David Williams Pathologist, Heidelberg, Vic

Associate Professor Deborah Bateson , Primary care , Ashfield NSW

Dr Debra Blackmore, GP and Humanitarian worker, Currently: Bangladesh.

Previously Melbourne Victoria

Dr Debra Wilson, GP, Brunswick West, Victoria

Dr Deme Karikios, Medical Oncologist , Penrith, NSW

Dr Domhnall Brannigan, Emergency Physician, Hobart, Tasmania

Professor Dominic Thyagarajan, Neurologist, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Dominique Elizabeth Coleman , GP, Dromana,VIC

Dr Donna M Lenghaus, Pathology Registrar, Collingwood, VIC

Associate Professor Duncan McGregor, Pathologist, Parkville, Victoria

Dr Eleanor Marillier, Emergency Physician, Joondalup, WA

Dr Eleanor Sharland, GP, Fremantle WA

Dr Elia Mohamed, GP, Adelaide, SA

Dr Elif Ekinci, Endocrinologist, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Elisabeth Anne Wynne, GP, Wembley Downs, Western Australia

Dr Elisabeth Wearne, General Practice, Victoria

Dr Elissa Campbell, Palliative Care Physician and Geriatrician, Nedlands, WA

Dr Eliza Eddy, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Sunshine, VIC

Professor Elizabeth Elliott AM, Paediatrics, Westmead

Dr Elizabeth Sturgiss, GP, ACT

Dr Elizabeth Thomas, Paediatrician, 3156, Victoria

Dr Elizabeth Wyatt, Emergency registrar, St Albans, Vic

Dr Elliot Dolan-Evans, RMO, Chermside, QLD

Dr Eloise House, Pathology Registrar, Heidelberg, Vic

Dr Emily Clark, GP Registrar, Glenelg, SA

Dr Emily Farrell, GP/sports medicine, QLD

Dr Emily Kelly, Obstetrics & Gynaecology registrar, Canberra, ACT

Dr Emily Perelini, Paediatric registrar, Clayton, VIC

Dr Emily Wilson , Paediatric Registrar, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Emma Bean, Anaesthetist , Darlinghurst NSW

Dr Emma Boulton , General Practitioner , Chatswood NSW

Dr Emma Jean Blackwood, Neurologist, Orange, NSW

Dr Emma Paige, Physician, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Erin O’Halloran , Emergency Registrar, Bedford Park, SA

Dr Eugene D’Souza, Psychiatry, NSW

Dr Eva Sudbury, Paediatric Fellow, Frankston, Vic

Dr F Amador Ibanez-Almarche, GP, Edmonton, Qld

Dr Farah Abdul Aziz, Surgeon, Nedlands, WA

Dr Faye Jordan, Paediatric emergency physician , Southport, Qld

Dr Felicity Pyrlis, Endocrinologist , Heidelberg Heights, VIC

Dr Felix Sedal, Senior Medical Advisor, Melbourne, VIC

Dr Fiona Lander, Public Health , Perth, Western Australia

Dr Fiona Liew, GP, Hillarys, WA

Dr Fleur Dwyer, GP, South Yarra, Victoria

Dr Florian Mutzke, GP, Mandurah, WA

Dr Frank C, Intern, VIC

Dr Freya Aaskov, Anaesthetist, ACT

Dr Gabriela Willis, Public Health Registrar, Hobart, Tasmania

Mr Gary Sit, HMO, Mount Isa, Queensland

Dr Gaurav Bhardwaj , Ophthalmologist, 3002, Vic

Professor Gavin Frodt, Medical Educator, Lithgow, NSW

Associate Professor Geoffrey Couser, Emergency Physician, Hobart, Tasmania

Dr Geoffrey Spurling, GP, Inala, Qld

Dr Georgia Wyatt, GP, Lismore, NSW

Dr Georgina Imberger, Anaesthetist, Footscray, Victoria

Dr Gillian Deakin, GP, Bondi Junction, NSW

Dr Gillian Riley , GP , Canberra, ACT

Dr Gina Smith, GP Registrar, Coolaroo, Victoria

Dr Glenn Mathieson, General Practitioner, Langwarrin, Victoria

Dr Glynis Johns, GP, Northern Territory

Dr Grace Leung, Physician, Nepean, NSW

Dr Graham Richard Varley, Provincial general Surgeon [Rtd.], near Braidwood,


Mr Hamish Curry, Orthopaedic surgeon, East Melbourne Victoria

Dr Hannah Green, Emergency Medicine Registrar, Adelaide, SA

Dr Hannah Lake, Psychiatry, Vic

Dr Hashini Bandaranayake , GP, Gosnells, WA

Dr Hayley Glasson, GP, Kiama NSW

Dr Helen Steele, GP, Victoria

Dr Hilary Hardefeldt, Resident, Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory

Dr Ian John Woolley, Physician, Clayton, Victoria

Dr Ian Leonard Cole, GP, Cairns Qld

Dr Ian Miles, Paediatric Anaesthetist, Westmead, NSW

Dr Imogen Stafford, Rural doctor, NT

Dr Ineke Woodhill, GP, Jan Juc VIC

Dr Irene Moyer , Emergency medicine, Adelaide, SA

Dr Issma Katib, GP Registrar, Lithgow, NSW

Dr Iwona Accurso, Psychiatry registrar , 2210, NSW

Dr Jack Kirszenblat, Psychiatrist, Prahran, Vic

Dr Jack Wodak, Neurologist, Malvern, Victoria

Dr Jackson Harding, Anaesthetist, aeromedical retrieval specialist, Bendigo, Vic

Dr Jacqueline Boyle, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, VIC

Dr Jacqueline Duc , Paediatrician, South Brisbane, Qld

Dr Jacqueline McCallum, Anaesthetics, NSW

Dr Jacqueline Yeoh, GP, Parkside, SA

Associate Professor James Forrester. King, Epidemiologist, Parkville, Vic

Dr James Mallows, Emergency Medicine, Penrith NSW

Dr James Yates, Critical Care, Epping, Victoria

Dr Janaki Siriwardhane, GP, Everton park qld

Dr Jane Deegan, GP, Brunswick, Victoria

Dr Jane Greacen, GP, Bairnsdale VIC

Dr Jane Reeves, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist , Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Dr Jane Tolman, Geriatrician, Hobart, Tasmania

Dr Janelle McDonald, Gynaecologist, Sydney NSW

Dr Jasmine Eldridge, Paediatric registrar, Maroochydore, Queensland

Dr Jaspreet Kaur, Psychiatric registrar, Osborne park, WA

Dr Jemma Dalrymple, General practitioner, Leichhardt, NSW

Dr Jennifer Chandler , Paediatrics , Cairns, QLD

Dr Jennifer Crawford, Anaesthetic Registrar, Camperdown, NSW

Dr Jennifer Dixon, Anaesthetist, Coburg Victoria

Associate Professor Jennifer Jill Gordon, General practitioner, Lindfield NSW

Dr Jennifer Koch, General Practitioner , Rosebud, Victoria

Dr Jennifer Lam, GP, Thornleigh, NSW

Professor Jennifer Reath, GP, Mt Druitt, NSW

Dr Jennifer Yan, General paediatrician, Parkville, Victoria

Dr Jenny Dowd, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Carlton, Victoria

Dr Jenny Worboys, GP, Warragul, Vic

Dr Jeremy Beckett, GP, Geraldton, WA

Mr Jeremy Gervasi, Medical student (final year), Fitzroy, VIC

Dr Jeremy Hay, GP, Frankston, Victoria

Dr Jeremy Miles Law, Psychiatric Registrar, Hornsby, NSW

Dr Jeremy Wong, Junior doctor, Melbourne VIC

Dr Jessica Griffith, Anaesthetist, Perth, WA

Dr Jessica Tidemann, Sexual health registrar, Garran ACT

Ms Jessie Rafeld, Medical Student, Melbourne

Dr Jessie Rucker, Intern (2017), Fitzroy, VIC

Dr Jo Crookes , GP, Phillip ACT

Dr Joanna Burton, Anaesthetics Fellow, Tweed Heads NSW

Dr Joanna Price, GP, Norwood, South Australia

Dr Joanna Richardson, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Joanne Newton, GP, 3930, Vic

Dr Jodi Allen, Junior doctor, Tweed Heads, NSW

Dr Joel Ziffer, General Paediatrician, Bendigo, Victoria

Dr Johanna Centra, Paediatrician, Geelong, Vic

Dr Johanna Nally, GP, Belgrave, Vic

Dr John Archer, Neurologist, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr John Quinlan, Consultant, Wollongong, NSW

Dr John Raymond Oxford, Hospital medical officer, Warrnambool, VIC

Dr John Stanton, GP, West Brunswick, Vic

Dr John Whitlam, Nephrologist, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Joseph De Luca, Physician, Parkville, VIC

Professor Joseph Proietto, Endocrinologist, Heidelberg Victoria

Mr Joshua Rosen, Medical Student, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Joshua Steadson, Paediatrics, Westmead, NSW

Dr Julia Harper Francis , Obstetrics and Gynaecology , Heidelberg, Vic

Mr Julian Gooi, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Prahran, Vic

Dr Julie Blake , GP, Gympie, Qld

Dr Julie Grant, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist , Henley Beach, SA

Dr Juliet Clayton, Paediatric Neurosurgeon, Parkville, VIC

Dr Juliet Lokan, Pathologist, Heidelberg Victoria

Associate Professor Justin Denholm, Infectious Diseases Physician, Melbourne,


Dr Juviraj Arulanandarajah , GP, Eltham, Vic

Dr Jyoti chaku , Obstetrician , 2350, NSW

Ms Karolina Novak, Medical Student, Western Hospital

Dr Kate Alexandra Stewart, Pathologist, Malvern, Victoria

Dr Kate Cush, Emergency Physician, Sydney, NSW

Dr Kate Elizabeth Douglas, Paediatric intensive care trainee, Morningside, Qld

Dr Kate Molinari, GP, ACT

Dr Kate Murton , RMO , Newcastle, NSW

Dr Katharine Harrison, General Practitioner, Brunswick, Victoria

Dr Katherine Barraclough, Nephrologist, Parkville, Victoria

Dr Katherine Bond, ID/Micro advanced trainee, Heidelberg, Vic

Dr Katherine Howell, Paediatric Neurologist, Parkville, Victoria

Dr Katherine Langdon, Paediatrician and Rehabilitation Physician, Subiaco WA

Dr Kathryn Daveson, Infectious Diseases Physician, Canberra, ACT

Dr Kathryn Ducharlet, Renal advanced trainee, Fitzroy, Victoria

Dr Katie Coles, GP, Collingwood, Vic

Dr Katrina Janet Ross Watson, Physician, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Katrina Mclean, GP, Burleigh Waters, QLD

Dr Katy Jenaya Burley, Paediatrician , Westmead, NSW

Dr Kelly Hughes, Intern, Dandenong, Victoria

Adjunct Professor Kerry John Breen, Retired physician, Kew, Vic

Dr Khairul Mohamed-Noor, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Carlton, VIC

Dr Khashayar Asadi , Pathologist , Victoria

Dr Kim Manning, GP Registrar, Cairns, QLD

Ms Kim Pham, Medical Student, Fitzroy

Dr Kirrily Holton, Rehabilitation Physician , Daw Park, SA

Associate Professor Kirsten Black, Obsetrics and Gynaecology, Camperdown


Dr Krista Maier, GP, Seacombe Gardens and Whyalla, SA

Dr Kristy Fraser-Kirk, Ear, Nose & Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon, Nambour, Qld

Dr Kylie Brown, Emergency medicine, Noarlunga, SA

Dr Kylie Webber, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, North Adelaide, SA

Dr Kym Jansen, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Carlton, Victoria

Dr Laila Parvaresh , Public Health Registrar, 2157 NSW

Ms Laura Chen, medical student, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Laura Dansey , Anaesthetic Registrar, Camperdown, NSW

Dr Laura Linden, GP obstetrician, Traralgon, Victoria

Dr Lauren Giles, Neurology fellow, Heidelberg

Dr Leanne Balding, Cardiologist , Parkville, Victoria

Dr Leith Banney, Dermatologist, Nambour, Qld

Dr Leonora White, GP, Ashburton VIC

Dr Lisa Bamberg, Medical Practitioner, Neutral Bay, NSW

Dr Lisa Bendtsen, GP, Eltham, Vic

Dr Lisa Sullivan, Radiation Oncologist , Garran, ACT

Dr Lise Monique Kanters, GP, Mount Gambier SA

Dr Livia Jackson, GP, Caulfield, Vic

Ms Louise Manning, Final year medical student, Bendigo, Victoria

Ms Lucy Teague-Neeld, Medical student, Shepparton

Dr Lucy Woodhouse, GP, Sydney, NSW

Dr Lyn Eggleston, GP, Epping, NSW

Professor Lyn Gilbert, Physician, Westmead, NSW

Dr Lynda Weir, General Paediatrics, Subiaco, WA

Dr Lynn Koyama, Junior doctor, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr M. Alison, VMO, Trundle, NSW

Dr Madeleine McKinley, Pathology registrar, Heidelberg, Vic

Dr Mahala Hudaverdi , Cardiologist , Spring Hill, Qld

Dr Majo Joseph, Cardiologist, Adelaide, SA

Dr Maninder Mundae, Rheumatologist , West Brunswick , Victoria

Dr Margaret Potts, GeneralPpractitioner, Blackheath, NSW

Dr Maria-Pia Bernardi, Surgeon, Geelong, Vic

Dr Mariam Tokhi, General Practice, Pascoe Vale, Vic

Dr Marilla Lucille Druitt, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Geelong, Victoria

Dr Marisa Magiros, GP , Cronulla, NSW

Dr Marisa Magiros, GP , Rockdale, NSW

Dr Mark Adamski, GP, Charlestown NSW

Mr Mark Elliman, Student doctor, Melbourne, VIC

Dr Mark Lewis Greacen, Retired, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Dr Mark Myerscough, GP, Darwin, Northern Territory

Dr Marlene Jennifer Kong, GP/Senior Lecturer, The Kirby Institute/UNSW

Dr Marsali Newman, Pathologist, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Martina Mende , General practitioner , Queanbeyan NSW

Dr Mary Belfrage, GP, Fitzroy, Vic

Dr Matthew Faulkner, Anaesthetics Registrar, Footscray, Vic

Dr Matthew Knox, Emergency, St Leonards, NSW

Mr Matthew Pitkin, Medical Student, Melbourne, VIC

Dr Matthew Webber, GP, Pasadena, South Australia

Dr Matti Gild, Endocrine Trainee, Randwick, NSW

Dr May Sian Oh, GP, Yokine WA

Dr Megan Brown, Nephrology advanced trainee, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Megan Campbell , Public health physician , Sydney NSW

Dr Megan Higgins, Registrar, Brisbane, Qld

Dr Meghan Rose, RMO, Murdoch, WA

Dr Mei Ling Yap, Radiation oncologist , Campbelltown, NSW

Dr Melanie Burnet, General Practitioner, Carindale, Qld

Dr Melanie Dorrington , GP, Bungendore, NSW

Dr Melanie Marian Burnet, General Practitioner, Carindale, Qld

Dr Melanie Thompson, Paediatrician, Broome, WA

Dr Melinda (Min) Berry, Emergency physician, St Vincent’s Hospital and Sydney

Children’s Hospital, NSW

Dr Melisa Vazquez, Anatomical pathology registrar, Heidelberg, Vic

Dr Melissa Cameron, Obstetrician Gynaecologist, East Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Melissa Kaufman, Intensive Care Physician, Box Hill, VIC

Dr Melissa Witt, GP registrar, Adelaide, South Australia

Dr Meredith Forsyth, Paediatrician, Adelaide, SA

Dr Mervyn Leong, Intensive Care Registrar, Darlinghurst, NSW

Dr Metta MacNeil, Pathologist, Box Hill, Victoria.

Dr Michael Christie, Pathologist, Parkville, VIC

Dr Michael Edmonds, Emergency Physician, Adelaide, SA

Dr Michael John Coombes , Cardiologist , Hobart, Tasmania

Dr Michael Jonsthan George Bloom, Occupational & Environmental Physician,

Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Michaela Mee, Emergency Physician, Victoria

Dr Michelle Dutton, GP, Fitzroy North, Vic

Dr Michelle Johnston, Emergency Physician, Perth. WA

Dr Michelle Williams , Paediatrician, Hobart, Tasmania

Dr Mikkaela McCormack, Anatomical Pathologist, Mount Waverley, Victoria

Dr Minh Le Cong , GP, Mount Isa, Qld

Dr Miriam Boxer, Radiation Oncologist, Liverpool, NSW

Dr Miriam Brooks, GP, Hazelbrook, NSW

Dr Misty Lee Blakeman, Paediatrics, Subiaco, WA

Dr Nalin H. Dayawansa, Physician Trainee, Prahran, Vic

Dr Nalini Hooper, Emergency , Melbourne, Vic

Dr Namrata Shetty, Psychiatry , Hamilton, NSW

Dr Natalia Kovaleva, Medical Intern, Epping, VIC

Dr Natalie Johnston, Psychiatrist, Tamworth, NSW

Dr Natalie May, Emergency Medicine, Bankstown, NSW

Dr Natalie Mulcahy, GP, Southport, QLD

Dr Natasha Holmes, Physician, Heidelberg, VIC

Associate Professor Nesrin Varol, Gynaecologist, Sydney, NSW

Dr Nicholas Chrimes, Anaesthetist , Clayton, Victoria

Professor Nicholas Lintzeris, Addiction Medicine Specialist, Surry Hills, NSW

Dr Nicholas Silberstein, General Practitioner, Brunswick, Victoria

Dr Nicole Gaffney, Respiratory Physician, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Nicole Isabella Anderson, Rural Medical Practitioner, Smithton

Dr Nicole Pfeffer, GP, Carindale, Qld

Dr Nicole Sladden, Anatomical Pathologist, Adelaide, SA

Dr Nina Robertson, GP, Lismore, NSW

Dr Ohnmar John, GP, Brunswick West, Victoria

Dr Palmyra De Banks, GP, Narre Warren Victoria

Dr Patricia Constance Edmunds, GP/Psychotherapy, Graceville Qld

Associate Professor Patrick Charles , Physician , Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Patrick Doube, Paediatric Registrar, Subiaco, WA

Dr Patrick Stapleton, Critical Care, Orange, NSW

Professor Paul Haber, Gastroenterology, Camperdown NSW

Dr Paul James Appleton, Generalist practice, Civic, ACT

Dr Paul Lawton, Nephrologist, Darwin, Northern Territory

Dr Payal Singh , GP registrar, Dandenong victoria

Dr Penelope Ward, Intern, Melbourne

Dr Penny Wilson , GP, Broome, WA

Mr Philip Feinstein, Director of Music for Refugees, Rose Bay, NSW

Dr Phillipa Costley, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Carlton, Victoria

Dr Philippus Visser, Emergency Physician, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Prashadhinee Soma Devan , Psychiatry registrar, Westmead, NSW

Dr Priscilla Tan, GP, Applecross, WA

Dr Prudence Johnstone, Gynaecologust, Geelong, Victoria

Dr Rachael Marie Norman, GP, Southport, Qld

Dr Rachael Moulden, GP, Nundah , Qld

Dr Rachel Jones Lumby, ICU, VIC

Dr Rajni Joseph, Geriatrics , Footscray, Victoria

Dr Ramila Varendran, Geriatrician , Garran ACT

Dr Rebecca Barnes, Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainee, Gosford NSW

Dr Rebecca Burgell, Gastroenterologist, Prahran Victoria

Dr Rebecca Davis, Emergency Specialist, Bankstown NSW

Dr Rebecca McDonald, O&G registrar, Clayton, Vic

Dr Rebecca Ruberry, Anaesthetist , Ipswich, QLD

Dr Rebecca Young, Sports & Exercise Medicine Doctor, Richmond, Victoria

Associate Professor Renate Kalnins, Pathologist, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Renee Harkin, GP, Thornton, NSW

Dr Renee Wong, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Carlton, Victoria

Dr Rhonda Barringham, GP, Lawson, NSW

Dr Richard Harris, Anaesthesia, Adelaide, SA

Dr Richard John Sloman, GP, Newport, Victoria

Dr Richard Lea , Anaesthetist, Woodville, SA

Professor Richard Osborne Day, Physician, Darlinghurst, NSW

Mr Rob Bohmer , Surgeon, Hobart, Tas

Dr Robyn Thomas, Palliative Care Specialist, Tasmania

Dr Roisin Reynolds, Pathology registrar, Macquarie Park, NSW

Dr Rolf Tsui , General Practitioner, Lower Templestowe, Vic

Dr Roohila Yusuf, GP, Winston Hills, NSW

Associate Professor Rosalie Grivell, Obstetrician, Bedford Park, SA

Dr Rose Iron, GP, Coolum Beach, Qld

Dr Ruja, Consultant Psychiatrist, Richmond, Vic

Dr Russell Hoyle, Psychiatrist, Wembley, Western Australia

Dr Ruth Armstrong, Medical editor, NSW

Ms Ruth Little, Public Health, Flemington, VIC

Associate Professor Ruth Marshall , Spinal Cord Injury Medicine and

Rehabilitation Physician , Lightsview South Australia

Dr Ruth Osborne, Emergency Physcian, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Sally Greenberg, Oncologist, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Sally Stokes, GP, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Dr Sam Harkin, Hospital Medical Officer, Bendigo, Vic

Dr Samantha Critchley, GP, Hazelbrook, NSW

Dr Samantha Kaiser, Paediatrician, Perth, WA

Dr Samuel McGinness, Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Registrar, St

Leonards, NSW

Dr Sandra Neoh, Physician, Heidelberg Heights, Vic

Dr SandraMarshall , GP, Gawler SA

Dr Sara Cargill, GP, Fairfield NSW

Dr Sara Chohan, GP , Burwood, NSW

Dr Sarah Berhard, Geriatrician , Nedlands, WA

Dr Sarah Cush, GP, Fitzroy, Victoria

Dr Sarah Giutronich , Paediatric surgeon, Sydney, NSW

Dr Sarah Josephi-Taylor, Clinical genetics trainee, St Leonards, NSW

Dr Sarah Leeder, Rehabilitation Medicine , Douglas, QLD

Dr Sarah Lucas, Paediatric Registrar, Randwick, NSW

Dr Sarah Mares, Psychiatry, Fairfield NSW

Dr Sarah Martin, Paediatrician, Brisbane, Queensland

Dr Sarah McNab, Paediatrician, Parkville, VIC

Dr Sarah Newman, Emergency Medicine, Camperdown, NSW

Dr Sarah Sibson, General Practitioner , Adelaide, South Australia

Dr Sarah Verbeek, HMO, Warragul Vic

Dr Scott Moody, General Medicine, Woolloongabba, Qld

Dr Sebastian Belfrage-Maher, HMO, Footscray, Vic

Dr Shab Cook, General practice, Wollongong, NSW

Dr Shalini Arunogiri, Psychiatrist, Fitzroy, VIC

Dr Shane Luland, GP, Maleny, Qld

Dr Shangeetha Kumaresan , Emergency Doctor, Liverpool, NSW

Dr Shannon Morton, Psychiatrist, Springwood, Queensland

Dr Sharat Lal, Psychiatrist, Wollongong NSW

Dr Sharon Monagle, GP, Beaumaris, Victoria

Dr Shaun Brown, Pathologist, Ballarat, Victoria

Dr Shaun Greene, Emergency Physician , Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Shaun Monagle, Pathologist, Box Hill, Victoria

Dr Shea Wilson, GP, Alexander Heights, Western Australia

Dr Shiraz, Emergency Resident, Epping, Victoria

Dr Sida Hou, GP, Crestmead, QLD

Dr Simon Judkins, Emergency physician , Melbourne, Vic

Dr Simon Rowe, Resident medical officer, Camperdown, NSW

Dr Siobhan Mullane, Paediatric Registrar, Parkville, Victoria

Dr Smita Samuelraj , GP, Kiara, WA

Dr Sneha Parghi, Obstetrics & gynaecology, Richmond, Vic

Dr Sonali de Sylva, Psychiatrist, Toowong, QLD

Dr Sonja Morgan, GP, Highgate Hill, QLD

Dr Stephen Douglas Joshua, Psychiatrist, Victoria

Dr Stephen Lambert, GP Registrar, Mackay, QLD

Dr Stephen Parnis, Emergency Medicine, Victoria

Mr Stephen Sharp, Final year medical student, Fitzroy, Victoria

Dr Steuart Rorke, Pathologist, Frankston, Victoria

Dr Steven Hurwitz, Paediatrics, Kogarah, NSW

Dr Steven Kao, Oncologist, Camperdown, NSW

Dr Stuart Anderson, GP, Maffra

Associate Professor Stuart Marshall, Anaesthetist, Melbourne, vic

Dr Sue Jacobs, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Newtown. NSW.

Dr Sujata Trivedi, GP, Kingston, Tasmania

Dr Suren Jayaweera, Endocrine and General Surgeon, Monash Health, St

Vincent’s Health, Vic

Dr Suresh Kumar , GP, Brisbane, Qld

Dr Suzanne King, GP, WA

Dr Tammy Bennetts, GP, Bunbury WA

Dr Tarini Fernando, Pathology Registrar, Box Hill, Vic

Associate Professor Terry Brown, Emergency Medicine, Hobart, Tasmania

Dr Thea Madeleine Bloom, Paediatric Advanced Trainee, Parkville, victoria

Dr Theresa Naidoo, Paediatric Registrar, Hobart, Tasmania

Dr Thinn Thinn Khine , Adult medicine , 3195, Vic

Dr Tim Senior, GP, Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation, Airds, NSW

Dr Timothy Martin, Intern, Victoria

Dr Tina Thomas , Psychiatrist , Moonee Ponds, Echuca, Vic

Dr Tineke Fancourt, Anatomical pathologist, Heidelberg Victoria

Dr Trent Yarwood, Infectious Diseases Physician , Cairns, Qld

Associate Professor Trishe Leong, Pathologist, Heidelberg VIC

Mr Tristan Leech, General Surgeon, Frankston, Victoria

Dr Trupti Prasad, Paediatrician, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Van Luu Le, GP trainee, St Leonards, NSW

Dr Vinita Rane, Sexual health physician , Clayton, Victoria

Dr Vivian Liang, Critical Care Resident, Victoria

Associate Professor Warren Ward, Psychiatrist, Herston Qld

Dr Wendy Sexton, GP / rural generalist locum, Perth, WA

Dr Winston Storer, Emergency Registrar, Flinders Medical Centre, SA

Dr Yasmin Whately, Anaesthetist, Heston, QLD

Dr Yoko Asakawa , Paediatric registrar, Fitzroy, Vic

Dr Young, Emergency specialist, Albany, WA

Dr Zain Hindawi, Psychiatrist, ACT

Dr Zara Mason, GP, Labrador, Qld

Dr Zara Watson, ENT Registrar, Camperdown, NSW

Dr Zeff Koutsogiannis, Emergency Physician, Heidelberg, Victoria

Dr Zina Jawad, GP, Laidley, QLD

Dr Zoe Burgman , GP , Kingscliff, NSW

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