In One Stunning Tantrum, Andrew Bolt Has Summed Up Everything Wrong With The Extreme Right


Everybody is good at something, right? And it turns out Andrew Bolt’s forte is summing up better than anyone else what his beloved Liberal Party of Australia actually stands for.

Here’s Bolt on Sky News last night, foaming and seething at the fact the Liberals weren’t immediately returned to government.

“It’s nine months ago since Malcolm Turnbull assassinated Tony Abbott promising only one thing – that he would do better than Tony Abbot at the polls. What a miserable, miserable return for that investment it’s been,” Bolt told host David Speers.

“Malcolm Turnbull has junked core liberal ideas, he trashed the branch membership, he treated them like dirt, he slugged them with a big super tax, he held the iftar dinner, he promoted global warming, same sex marriage….”

Stop you there, Andrew.

So you’re saying it’s against ‘core Liberal ideas’ to break bread with Muslims; to promote equality for all; and to try and do something to stop a pending global catastrophe that, if it doesn’t kill us all, will certainly kill our children and grandchildren some time in the next 100 years?

Right. Not sure if you already knew, Andrew, but you’re batshit crazy. Still, at least you have the courage to be batshit crazy publicly.

Of course, Turnbull has done precious little on ‘promoting global warming’, and even less to actually tackle it. But in his defence, he did break bread with Muslims, and he did go some way towards promoting marriage equality, albeit by ensuring a vicious national plebiscite will give voice to filthy extremists like… well, like Andrew Bolt.

Of course, Bolt is right. In the modern day Liberal Party of Australia, these are core values. These and using the world’s most vulnerable men women and children as a political wedge, while jailing them indefinitely on a remote hell-hole of an island.

Come to think of it, that’s a core Labor value as well.

It’s just we’re not use to anyone actually admitting it.

Bravo, Andrew Bolt, bravo.

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