Andrew Bolt, ISIS Recruit


If you want to recruit disaffected Muslims to a war of hate, there’s no more effective way than to get prominent westerners to do the heavy lifting. Steve Gray pens an open letter of appeal to Andrew Bolt.


Dear Andrew,

I take the effort to read your guff, so hopefully you can spend the time to read mine.

It’s this Islam thing you’re on about. What you can’t see as you defend your idea of western civilisation is that the terrorists have recruited you.

They need you as part of their narrative.

They want you to create fear, hatred and division, to divide and re-divide society. In that atmosphere of fear, hatred and division they’ll thrive.

The way Australia is today, they’re going nowhere here fast. But with both ISIS and you stirring up hatred over religion, they’ll thrive, they’ll recruit and they’ll terrorise.

Right wing columnist Andrew Bolt.
Right wing columnist Andrew Bolt.

The tiny terrorist minority don’t need me Andrew – I just want to see these fascists wiped off the face of the earth.

But they need you, Andrew. You’re a vital part of their vision to stir up hatred and spread their twisted holy war. Your outrage, your attacks on Islam generally, rather than on these perverters of Islam, feeds ISIS’ strategy.

Andrew I have no doubt you see yourself as some sort of Churchill, warning of fascism’s rise while others seek appeasement, as some sort of Horatius single-handedly defending Rome against the invaders.

But no, sadly.

Andrew. It helps them.

Rather than defending us against ISIS, you’re adding to the tension. Matching their twisted logic with your own doesn’t defeat them. You’re part of the terrorists’ story.

To them I’m an unbeliever to be exterminated.

To them you’re an asset. You scratch their itch.

Andrew, ISIS have recruited you. They’ve recruited your publishers as well.

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Steve Gray began as a reporter with 4ZZZ Brisbane and has worked in regional newspapers throughout Queensland, and at aap. He also worked as a political journalist. He lives in Brisbane where he writes and follows a passion for nature photography. And Shakespeare. And V8 Supercars.