Watch: Comedian Aamer Rahman Nails Corporate University Branding


As we’ve noted here at New Matilda before, the University of Western Sydney is undergoing a little rebranding exercise.

Despite producing one (fairly heart-warming) viral hit, the campaign has raised the ire of academics frustrated by the fact the institution is prepared to doll out millions on the campaign while public funding for higher education disappears, class sizes grow, and employment becomes ever more precarious.

Hardly surprising then that at his recent gig on the campus comedian Aamer Rahman, of Fear of a Brown Planet fame, took aim at the institution itself.

“The University administration was extremely apprehensive about my performances and demanded extra security at all events, I can only assume because they were worried about too many brown kids getting together in the same place and having some fun on their own campuses,” Rahman wrote on his Facebook page after the gig.

“The university has a huge working class [people of colour]demographic (lots of Arabs and Muslims) and is currently trying to re-brand itself as slightly less ‘ethnic’ in an effort to attract international students.”

“One of the students actually managed to get me a copy of their official branding book…”

If you find the idea of a university “branding book” a little repulsive, you’re clearly not alone.

Video: Reza Amiro and Blueprint Studios.

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