Quite Possibly The Best 'Dad' Video Ever Made


With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might consider buying Pappy a Batman mask. A family in America did, and they’ve been regretting it ever since.

His name, apparently, is Blake. Although by day – and night – indeed whenever the mood strikes him, he goes by BatDad.

He has a wife named Jen! – the exclamation point is his (because whenever he says her name, he shouts it in a Batman voice).

And he has four kids, one of whom is named Ben. (he only gets a fullstop, presumably because it might be a bit too scary).

Rather than try tell you what this guy gets up to (we’’ almost certainly lose something in the translation), just watch.

The video directly below is one of his best, called the ‘Ben. Compilation’.


And this one is the Jen! compilation. Hilarious if you’re a guy… Jury’s possibly still out if you’re a girl.



You can subscribe to BatDad’s Youtube channel here.

And his facebook page is here.


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