'You're Not A Real Reporter': If This Catches On, Then Fox News Is In Serious Trouble


Of all the insults in all the lands dished out to news reporters, the one delivered in the video below is probably the most effective – and potentially viral – of them all.

Fox News’ chief right-wing crazy, Bill O’Reilly, this week took up the story of the murder of Kate Steinle, a woman shot dead in downturn San Fransisco on July 1 by a man named Juan Lopez-Sanchez.

Steinle is a young, attractive white woman – Sanchez is an ‘undocumented Mexican’ (code, according to Fox, for ‘illegal immigrant’). So of course, Fox has gone ballistic on the story… finding far more enthusiasm for it than, say, the mass shooting of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina a few weeks earlier (a mass shooting by a white man, mind you, which Fox refused to accept was racially motivated… despite the killer saying it was racially motivated while he did the killing).

Fox – and O’Reilly in particular – blame officials from the City of San Fransisco for introducing what’s known as ’sanctuary city’ policies – broadly, they prevent city officials from questioning people about their immigration status, the practical affect being that undocumented residents can still access services like health care and education.

Unfortunately, no-one from the city would comment, so O’Reilly sent a reported to ‘doorstep’ them (run up and stick a camera in their face, like our TV media routinely do).

Scott Wiener is one of those who serves on the San Fransisco Board of Supervisors, and Fox News caught up with him in the corridors of power.

Needless to say it didn’t go as planned, as the video shows. But what’s most extraordinary about the exchange is that Fox would actually broadcast it.

Have a watch, share this story, tell all your friends (about the video and the new way to say ‘no comment’ when approached by a Fox reporter… or a News Limited reporter) and then post your comments below.

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