'Put Out Your Potato' And Help Put An End To Kevin Andrews' UnAustralian Boycott


Sometimes in life, you just have to take a stand.

Earlier this week, the Minister for Defence, Kevin Andrews announced that he would be boycotting this Monday night’s episode of Q&A. His reasoning is that the program is biased.

This is an outrage. And a tragedy. It's a tragic outrage.

In response, New Matilda is launching a heartfelt campaign to protest against what has occurred. Whatever that actually may be.

On Monday night, we’re urging readers to get active and show their anger by ‘putting out a potato’.

Why a potato, you ask? Because of all the vegetables in all the kitchens in all the homes on earth, the humble potato is the one that shares the most qualities with our Defence Minister.

Potatoes are not flashy. They’re spherical and sensible. So is Kevin Andrews. They love dirt. So does Kevin Andrews. And when you boil potatoes (and add bacon and sour cream), they’re delicious. So is Kevin Andrews.

If enough Australians take up this challenge, then the message to Ministers of the Crown everywhere will be loud and clear – we want you appearing on our public national broadcaster because the ABC just isn’t the ABC without the gigantic egos and the political posturing.

As an incentive, we’ll be awarding prizes to readers who best decorate their ‘Kevin Andrews Potato’. Prizes will be awarded on the basis of creativity, and their likeness to the Minister for Defence.

First prize is an intimate dinner in Canberra with Kevin Andrews himself. Second prize is two intimate dinners in Canberra.*

So get to it New Matildans – the future of the ABC is in your pantries. Photograph of your potato on your front step, windowsill or balcony, then tweet or Facebook the pics with the hastag #qandaputoutyourpotato

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