NM's 20 Question Challenge: Thom Mitchell, Journalist, Man About Town


1. How do you get your news?
Through my pores.

2. The best thing about News Corp is…
The Daily Telegraph’s photoshop team. They make things happen.

3. What issue should be number one on Australia’s political agenda?
Johnny Depp’s Poodles.

4. If you could force the PM to work one day in another job, which job would you nominate for him?
Glassy at the Midnight Shift.

5. What is the best/worst tweet you’ve ever seen?

6. What are you reading at the moment?
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate. Naomi Klein.

7. Who would you like to get stuck in an elevator with and why?
Christopher Pyne, because he’s a fixer.

8. What’s the weirdest thing you have in your house?
Darcy (pictured right).

9. You get drunk with Joe Hockey at a Liberal Party fundraiser and he agrees to let you change one thing in the budget, what do you change?
A tax on people not having a go.

10. The headline you’d most like to see on the front of a daily newspaper?
Eat the rich.

11. If you could take one person from history on a date, who would it be?
L. Ron Hubbard.

12. If you were offered, say, a $60,000 scholarship to study anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Whitehouse College of Design.

13. You’re Andrew Bolt for the day, what crazy right-wing conspiracy theory would you advance?
Gay people cause terrorism.

14. Cat person or dog person?

15. What’s the best dish you can cook?
Leftover pie.

16. Which Australian thinker or leader inspires you?
George Christensen, the Hon. member for Dawson.

17. Favourite movie?
The Land Before Time.

18. Corniest joke you’ve ever heard?

19. What image should hang on the wall of the PM’s office?
This one of Christine Forster (the Prime Minister’s sister) from News Corporation, kissing her partner.

20. Guest question (from Freya Newman): What motivates you?
The Anzacs.

21. What question would you like to see the next person asked?
You can only save one, Boo or Pistol. What’ll it be, and why?

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