Congrats To The Winners Of The New Matilda Pride DVD Giveaway


Recently, New Matilda gave away 10 DVD copies of the smash hit movie Pride, courtesy of Entertainment One

As part of their entry, we asked readers to tell us which two opposing groups they’d like to see work together. 

Below is the list of the 10 winners.

New Matilda will have more great giveaways soon… and you can pick up your own DVD copy of Pride in good stores everywhere. The movie got a fantastic review from our very own Michael Brull, so well worth a watch.


WInning Entries

Those pro-ETS Liberal Party MPs unite with similarly-minded Labor Party MPs to put the bipartisan 2009 ETS model through both Houses of Parliament.

Greg C, Deakin ACT

American President Jon Stewart's "Sensible Party" should recognise Palestine. Go on.  You know it makes sense.
Mathew B, Toorak Gardens SA

Baggage handlers losing jobs and frazzled airline passengers with no space for overhead-luggage, join protest for "one free checked bag" allowance.
Heather C, Stanwell Tops NSW

One hundred largest employers unite with the ACTU to  negotiate a better distribution of work hours between the fully employed and the underemployed so that we have a more balanced work force and keep the talks a party political free zone.
Dominic Q, Redfern NSW

Police Unions and the Indigenous Human Rights Network should team up to fight negative perceptions of Aboriginals and the police and fight systemic racism.
Harry M, Hilton WA

I’d like reformed and wannabe DAASH members to rap about IS ideology and Modus Operandi meeting Muslims' remit of custodianship (caliphate) for life on earth.
Fiona H, Dalyston VIC

I'd like to see the forestry unions unite with the environmentalists, to protect natural heritage and create safe, sustainable jobs with living wages.
Fleur T, Rosanna VIC

'Greens' and the 'Reds' combine to dismantle capitalism. Many 'red' policies are beneficial to green outcomes, especially wealth redistribution. Do it already!
Ben P, Aspley QLD

Car driver advocates to unite with bike rider advocates to request separated space on the roads for all road users, to improve safety for all.
Di E, West Hobart TAS

The Liberal Party and the Labor Party work together on major policies like refugees and and Aboriginal affairs … oh wait a minute
Michelle M, Bondi NSW

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