Beyond Green Plans To Disrupt Tony Abbott's Kirribilli House 'Lifestyle Choice'


They brought his official parliamentary email to its knees after urging supporters to courtesy copy George Brandis into every email, thus saving the Attorney General the hassle of trolling their account metadata.

And last week, they launched a campaign to vote Bill Shorten into the ‘Big Brother family’, for Labor’s support of the metadata laws.

And now, Beyond Green are planning some good old-fashioned, in-your-face ‘direct action’, this time at the Sydney taxpayer funded home of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

It follows Abbott’s comments last week that Aboriginal people living on their traditional lands in remote regions do so as a lifestyle choice, and that taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to fund it.

Of course, taxpayers fund the ‘lifestyle choice’ of Abbott to live at perhaps the most exclusive address in the southern hemisphere – the sprawling grounds of Kirribilli House, on Sydney Harbour, directly across the way from the world famous Sydney Opera House.

That’s a fact not lost on Beyond Green organiser Ben Pennings, who is planning to put a dampener on Abbott’s choice of lifestyle by “preventing services” reaching the famed Prime Ministerial residence.

In a written statement, Pennings, who noted that a $13,000 rug at the PM’s house was also a “lifestyle choice”, promised action.

“First Nations peoples have lived in their homelands for up to 2,000 generations. Tony has been at Kirribilli House a year or so and hardly stays there anyway," Pennings said.

“Tony Abbott should live in The Lodge (in Canberra), sell Kirribilli House and stay in a hotel when he’s in Sydney.

“This would save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Pennings said his group was determined to disrupt life at the Prime Minister’s Sydney lodgings.

“Trained activists are planning to turn up at Kirribilli House and prevent services reaching Tony Abbott’s ‘lifestyle choice’ in Sydney,” organiser Ben Penning said in a written statement.

“Currently registering online, the activists will be informed of the secret action shortly beforehand by email or text.”

“We can’t stop power and water like Tony Abbott, but we have trained activists with Direct Action experience ready to send an important message about his wasteful lifestyle choices.

“We are serious about preventing services reaching Kirribilli House.”

Beyond Green have publicly announced the planned action on their website… although the government probably new about it anyway, given their penchant for metadata.

New Matilda will, of course, keep you posted.

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