Statement Regarding Spurr Vs New Matilda In The Federal Court


New Matilda appeared in the Federal Court yesterday, over the publication last week of a story about racist and sexist emails written by Professor Barry Spurr.

Professor Spurr was seeking an injunction to remove the stories from our website, for new Matilda to surrender all copies of the emails, and for New Matilda to identify the source of the leaks.

Professor Spurr argues that New Matilda grossly breached his privacy int eh publication of the story, and that he was "collateral damage" in a campaign by New Matilda to cause political damage to the Abbott Government. 

Yesterday, Professor Spurr’s legal advisers withdrew their application to compel New Matilda to identify the source.

An interim injunction preventing New Matilda from publishing any new material related to the emails has been extended until December 8, when New Matilda will re-appear in the Federal Court before Justice Michael Wigney.

New Matilda is represented by Sydney law firm Banki Haddock Fiora, and Sandy Dawson SC of Banco Chambers.

New Matilda offers our sincere thanks to our amazing legal team – Geoff Holland, our phenomenal 'in house lawyer' who keep us on the straight and narrow day-to-day, in addition to Sandy, Kate, Tim and Eli, and to the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, which helped facilitate the relationship.

We’d also like to sincerely thank our readers – old and new – for their ongoing support. None of it happens without you.

Extensive coverage of the case been provided by other media, and rather than report on proceedings to which we’re a party, we’ve provided links below to a selection of the coverage.

We’ll keep you posted as the case unfolds.

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