National Union Of Workers Wants Your Views On Job Equality


The National Union of Workers is running a major campaign aimed at surveying the opinions of Australians about workplace equality and security.

The survey takes a couple of minutes to complete, and the data collected will be used by the NUW to inform an ongoing campaign for better rights for workers in Australia.

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You can find out more about the NUW here. The NUW's Facebook page is here.

NUW notes in its survey introduction: “It used to be that when you got a job, it was a job you could count on. Over the last 30 years, that's been changing.

“More and more people now work in insecure jobs, ones without the security that employment used to provide.

“At the National Union of Workers we want to help build an Australia where every person gets a decent living – a community where every worker counts.

“But that's not going to change without deep transformation in this country. We want your feedback about what you think about working in Australia and what changes you want to see.”

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