A Letter Of Apology To New Matilda Readers


Dear New Matilda reader,

You might have noticed that the New Matilda site has been experiencing some major technical problems over the last month.

We’ve managed to keep the site running, but there are still regular mini-outages. Some of the website issues remain, but they should be resolved within the next week, and our story count will return to normal from today.

You might also have noticed there has been no New Matilda Digest since last Thursday. That problem has now been resolved, and the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Digests will resume as normal from today.

More broadly, the increased traffic on the site has created some major headaches for us, but we’re working on a shiny new site that will take New Matilda into the era of what we like to call ‘The Age of Independent Media’ (copyright and theme song pending).

In the interim, a sincere apology for inconveniencing our readers.

The downside of independent media is that we don’t have the resources of mainstream corporations. The upside is that we also don’t have their ethics.

Chris Graham
New Matilda

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