Help Us Track Down Tony's Cronies


Since coming to power, Tony Abbott's Coalition Government has kicked off a raft of new inquiries, reviews, and has announced one (possibly two) Royal Commissions with Labor in their sights. That means jobs, favours, pats on the back, and nods of the head.

Many of the high-profile appointments — Maurice Newman, Kevin Donnelly, Tony Shepherd and General Angus Campbell, to name a few — are out in the public eye. But what about the other, lesser-known members of the Coalition's extended family? The public service mandarins, consultants and other worthies?

Over the next week or so we'll be compiling a roster of the Coalition's new appointments as a handy "Who's Who in the Culture War" reference. Can you help out? Leave a comment below, email us at, post on our Facebook page or tweet at @newmatilda if you can add names to the list (or have any other interesting tidbits).

This story is part of our series on Tony's Cronies, on the Abbott Government's appointments. Read the rest here.

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