Lighting Up The Satire Sign


Every article we’ve published by Ben Pobjie has been marked satire and his bio on the site says that he’s‘s resident satirist. He’s written over a hundred satirical pieces for us since late 2007. Still, there are plenty of readers who persist with the belief that Ben is a peddler of dour and earnest opinion. As you read his answers to the 20 Questions, bear in mind, please, that Ben Pobjie is a satirist …

1. Who is your favourite writer?
This is one of those things where you’re not supposed to say "me", isn’t it? I really like Ben Eltham, I carry his articles in my pocket in case someone asks me something about economics.

2. What’s your favourite article?
I honestly cannot pick — too many over too long. I really like this one — by Jason Wilson, off the top of my head — but there’s gold everywhere in those archives.

3. When did you first start reading
Shortly before I started writing for it, in late 2007.

4. Fill in the blank in this sentence: "I’m sad that has hit the skids because their articles occasionally stuck it to the ___ … and those people give me the creeps."
Old-age pensioners.

5. What was the headline you always wanted to read but it never happened?
"How My Love For A New Matilda Writer Forced Me Out of The Lodge, by Therese Rein."

6. Who was the commenter who annoyed you most? How did you deal with that emotion?
No commenters annoy me. I find them all erudite, thoughtful and warm-hearted. Jacqueline Reidpath I found especially non-annoying and not at all mind-bogglingly dense, so it was always easy to deal with the mild feelings I experienced while reading her well-judged and insightful comments.

7. Where will you go for commentary when stops publishing?
I don’t know. The 7pm Project?

8. What campaigning tactic do you want to see in this year’s federal election?
A greater focus on the weight and/or hairstyles of candidates.

9. Name your favourite lovable loon and rate their threat to public safety.
News Ltd television reviewer Dianne Butler. She is a 10 out of 10 threat … to our hearts.

10. Do you have any secret political crushes you’d like to share with our readers?
I really, really have the hots for Therese Rein.

11. Favourite retired Australian politician.
Can’t decide between Natasha Stott Despoja and Alfred Deakin.

12. Who deserves a bigger tax break: banks or mining companies?
Why not just ask which is more adorable: puppies or kittens?

13. What do you see as the most important issue in the upcoming federal election campaign?
Why does Barnaby Joyce always seem to bring up sex when talking about Tony Abbott?

14. What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to know about Australian politics but were afraid to ask?
What exactly is "The Senate"?

15. What annoys you about journalists?
Their greasy unwashed hair and faces.

16. Who should run for public office in Australia? Which one?
Marieke Hardy. For Mayor of Blacktown, probably, to start with.

17. What’s the one question you’d like both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to answer?
Why were you showering together?

18. Are you part of the latte belt?
No, I’m part of the chicken parma belt.

19. What question would you like to ask us?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

20. Have you got any job searching tips? What works for you?
Bosses respect an applicant who swears, loudly and often. It shows confidence.

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