Put Me Through To Your Manager


As we enter our last month of publication at newmatilda.com, we’re taking a walk down memory lane. We’re turning over our 20 Questions section to past and present staff, to writers, and to friends of the website. First to face the music is long-serving Managing Editor Rod McGuinness aka @rod3000. Rod has been working at newmatilda.com since the very beginning and as a result, he receives more loopy emails than the rest of the office combined.

1. Who is your favourite newmatilda.com writer?
The most defamatory.

2. How many people do you reckon work at newmatilda.com office on an average day?
Does that include the team of monkeys downstairs? 

3. Fill in the blank in this sentence: "I’m sad that newmatilda.com has hit the skids because their articles occasionally stuck it to ___ and those people give me the creeps.
The parents of highly gifted children.

4. What was the newmatilda.com headline you always wanted to read but never happened?
Murdoch Can’t Compete With newmatilda.com.

5. Where will you go for commentary when newmatilda.com stops publishing?
Bus stops, breakfast tables and Twitter.

6. Do you subscribe to any online content? What? Why, or why not?
Yes, of course. Crikey, The Economist, The New Yorker. If Meanjin was online only, I’d still subscribe to it. I value good writing but also supporting outlets I admire.

7. What campaigning tactic do you want to see in this year’s federal election?
Hugging pets. There are many potential voters who don’t fit the silly "Working Families" tag, but they all have pets. Huge potential there.

8. If you could pick one public figure to deliver live commentary on Election Night, who would it be?
Janette Howard. Seriously. She knows her stuff and I imagine all of her rants are wasted in shouts at the television.

9. Name your favourite lovable loon and rate their threat to public safety.
Rick Stein. He’s culturally cringe-y but I really like his earnest sincerity. Threat to public safety: 2.

10. Does anyone have a climate change policy you agree with? Who?
I admire the decision of the Navajo Indians not to build coal-powered electricity generators.

11. Name a political writer who deserves a promotion.
Ben Eltham.

12. Who deserves a bigger tax break: banks or mining companies?
Banks. Their record of passing on savings and dividends gives me enormous confidence that tax breaks would also benefit consumers down the track.

13. What subject should be compulsory in primary schools?
Conflict resolution.

14. What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to know about Australian politics but were afraid to ask?
Why our elected representatives are such a poor reflection of our multicultural society.

15. What annoys you about journalists?
I wish their use of clichés would eventually come home to roost.

16. Who should run for public office in Australia?
Matt Preston. As far as I’m aware we’ve never had the opportunity to vote against him.

17. What’s the one question you’d like both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to answer?
What do you admire the most about Kevin Rudd/Tony Abbott?

18. Are you part of the latte belt?
No, I am the latte belt.

19. Is the Australian media getting better, worse, or staying the same?
It’s definitely getting better. There’s plenty of garbage but there are some great journalists and analysts doing terrific stuff. I think it’s silly to believe there was a golden age of media which has passed. Technology allows fast aggregation of sources and information, greater female participation and active participants such as bloggers and those on Twitter is exciting but also means a less passive, more participatory media landscape.

20. What question would you like to ask us?
Who else could smash a coffee right now?

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