Make My News Rational Please!


Hello hello, gentle listeners, and welcome to a very special episode of The Media Ate My Brain. Ben Pobjie is dead.

Or sick. It’s not important. What is important is that luckily there’s a "man of letters" section left over from a show that couldn’t be published for ridiculous "legal reasons". So, in this exciting chapter, Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith ask:

Is podcasting a visual medium? (It is not.)

Was Simon Townsend of Simon Townsend’s Wonder World driven mad by the death of his sweet bloodhound Woodrow?

AND: If you are running an anti-poison campaign, is it not important that one avoids pushing pro-poison messages?

So enter a dimension not only of sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination…
(Running time 9 minutes 5 seconds, 4mb)

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