Would You Call That "Blanket" Coverage?


G’day g’day, gentle listeners, and welcome to the fourth episode of The Media Ate My Brain. In this exciting chapter, a fighting fit Ben Pobjie and a rather sickly Cam Smith ask:

Are people too quick to dismiss the rantings of Piers Akerman? After all, has he not seen the fundamental nature of existence?

What belies the tendency of the media to view the lives of dead celebrities through rose-tinted glasses? After all, weren’t Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Errol Flynn all terrible people?

AND: Are the global warming sceptics writing letters to the Bendigo Advertiser too insane? Are the pro-lifers writing letters to the Launceston Examiner suprisingly lacking in basic life knowledge?

So gather the kiddies around the Tamiflu, and settle in for a relaxing 19 minutes and 10 seconds of spluttering satire.

(Running time 19 minutes 10 seconds, 9mb)

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