History's Greatest Gates


Holler holler, gentle listeners, and welcome to the third episode of The Media Ate My Brain. In this exciting chapter, a rather sickly Ben Pobjie and a probably soon to be rather sickly Cam Smith ask:

Is the Australian press afforded too many freedoms? Sure, it’s wrong to line them up against a wall and open fire, but so too is it not wrong to call a political scandal, UTEGATE?

Will the uptight prudes at the Walkley Foundation recognise the true brilliance of the Northern Territory News, or will they give the Gold Walkley to some Southerner’s investigative pap about police corruption or asylum seekers or the Indigenous health crisis or somesuch LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO.

AND: Are the racists writing letters to the Burnie Advocate too racist? Are the nudists writing letters to the NT News too clothed?

So burn some sage to drive away the demons of Mid-Winter, gather the kiddies around the sacrificial altar, and settle in for a relaxing 20 minutes of wheezing podcast.


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