The Media Ate My Brain


G’day, gentle listeners, and welcome to the debut episode of The Media
Ate My Brain. In this exciting chapter, Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith ask:

Is Australia a racist nation? Is it more racist than…Iceland?

Was The Chaser’s "Make A Wish" sketch WRONG? Could it have been improved by mocking real terminally ill children?

the people writing letters to the NT News and Stock & Land doing
a massive amount of speed? When will our say-lots-do-nothing
Government act?

AND are media empire executives with big, bushy mustaches funny? (SPOILER: YES THEY ARE.)

brew up a hot mug of Red Bull, gather the little ones around the
Wireless Home Audio System, and settle in for a relaxing 39 minutes and
51 seconds of delicious podcast.
(running time 39 min, 19mb)

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