Stories And Slides From Inside Burma


Australian journalist Matt Davis was living and working in the Burmese city of Rangoon when Cyclone Nargis swept across the country’s south in May 2008, killing and displacing tens of thousands of people. The disaster preceded a planned national referendum by just one week and in its devastating aftermath, the military government in Burma pushed ahead with constitutional reforms. Meanwhile the international community arrived at Burma’s doorstep with much needed aid and crisis assistance. They were referred to by Burmese officials as "external destructive forces" and refused entry. Burmese volunteers who went to the aid of cyclone victims were labeled by the government as internal traitors and some have even faced severe punishment for their efforts. This is a chance to see and hear the stories behind the limited
official news that comes from inside the reclusive country of Burma.

Matt spent time in travelling throughout the country and writes about ideology, survival, Burmese culture and the public mood.

Matt is visiting Sydney and will present some behind-the-scenes snapshots and stories of everyday life under a repressive Burmese government, both before and after last year’s cyclone.

You can view some of Matt’s photos here.

6:30pm – 8:30pm, 18 May 2009
Venue: The official "Sydney"
302 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

Numbers are limited, please RSVP to: enquiries(at)

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