National Forum Series: The Tangled Web in Sydney

0 presents a series of public forums about the internet regulation debate in Australia.

As the intersection between politics, technology and the media continues to grow online, we’re facing some hard questions. How do we regulate the world wide web?

The Federal Government’s proposal to block websites with a mandatory filter or "clean feed" has drawn vocal opposition from the online community, who are concerned about its impact on civil liberties as well as on the technical functionality of the internet. Meanwhile, many people are unaware of the proposal and its potential impact on their day to day lives.

This forum examines how we manage conflicting interests within the debate, how we engage with policy-makers on the issues around internet content regulation and how we involve more people in the discussion.

David Vaile, Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre

Fiona Patten, The Australian Sex Party
Geordie Guy, Electronic Frontiers Australia
Kerry Graham, Inspire Foundation

Tuesday 5 May, 6:00pm

NSW Parliament Theatrette
Parliament of NSW
Macquarie Street, Sydney

This is a free event and all are welcome to attend.

You can follow the discussion on Stilgherrian’s live blog.

These events are part of a series of forums. will present an event in Adelaide in coming weeks. We held the first forum in Brisbane, followed by Melbourne on 27 April.

Latest updates on developments in internet regulation can be found our PollieGraph blog.

For further reading see our articles covering the developments on this issue over the past year, the ISP trial process, a clarification of "prohibited content" and a technical explanation of the mandatory filter proposal.

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