Cartoon Competition: Two weeks left and Heat 5 winner


… Fiona Katauskas for her cartoon: "Peter Costello, Promoting His Book". Congratulations to Fiona. She has won $250 cash and will go into the finals of the cartoon competition for the $6,000 grand prize.

Heat Six is open for voting, which means there’s just a few weeks left in the competition! Click here to vote for your favourite political cartoon. Register free with for your chance to win a free Crumpler bag, copy of Ben Pobjie’s indispensable, Handy Latin Phrases and more!

Thanks to everyone who had entries in the fifth heat of the competition. Don’t forget, illustrators and cartoonists – you can submit as many different unpublished entries as you like.

The team

Peter Costello Promoting His Book

Thanks to Fiona Katauskas


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