Grandma Goes to Washington?


John McCain has surprised almost all US political pundits by choosing Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, to join the GOP 2008 ticket. Everyone, that is, except 21-year-old political science major Adam Brickley, whose blog, "Draft Sarah Palin for VP", has been promoting the idea for over 12 months — and proves that there really is a blog for just about everything.

Sarah Palin is best described as a Feminist for Life, Gun-Owning, ex-Beauty Queen, Hockey Mom (of five kids) who enjoys moose burgers.

Since the announcement, bloggers have scrambled to understand more about Alaska’s Governor. Palin is currently under investigation for Troopergate (is there a GOP member not under investigation?) but this may become irrelevant with a potentially much bigger scandal … Babygate.

Blogosphere rumour has it that Palin is in fact a mother of four children — and a grandmother of one. ArcXIX At Daily Kos says:

While Alaskans had been giving her an 80 per cent approval rating, recently 87 per cent of Alaskans polled on the subject of TrooperGate believed she was lying.

Now, I’ve known liars in my life. Their single core problem is not with themselves, but those around them. If they’re never called out on their twisting of truths and fabrications, they simply continue to make larger lies. Well, Sarah, I’m calling you a liar. And not even a good one. Trig Paxson Van Palin is not your son. He is your grandson. The sooner you come forward with this revelation to the public, the better.

There is some pretty fascinating evidence to support this assertion — even if it turns out to be complete rubbish — such as photos of a supposedly seven-month pregnant Palin looking surprisingly slim.

Already McCain/Palin supporters are dismissing this as a beat-up. Particularly insightful is Little Miss Attila who writes:

Let’s say this whole thing were true: Palin faked a pregnancy and offered, along with her husband, to raise her granddaughter as her own. This involved massive inconvenience, and some fibbing. Um … so?

Yep, no big deal really. The US has done well so far with fibbers in the Administration.

Regardless, McCain has picked a fairly underqualified candidate as second-in-charge leader of the free world, although the choice may shore up support in some demographics — including the religious right, women and gun-owners. The Street Prophets blog is suggesting the choice wasn’t even McCain’s (who would have preferred Lieberman):

With time running out, and after a long meeting with his inner circle in Phoenix, Mr McCain finally picked up the phone last Sunday and reached Ms Palin at the Alaska State Fair. Although the campaign’s polling on Mr. McCain’s potential running mates was inconclusive on the selection of Ms Palin — virtually no one had heard of her, a McCain adviser said — the governor, who opposes abortion, had glowing reviews from influential social conservatives.

And as if all of these revelations — just 48 hours after the Republicans’ announcement — weren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know she owns her own seaplane. (What is it with conservatives and planes?)

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