Down to Earth Astrology's Guide to the US Democratic Race


Saturn has just gone out of retrograde – and that means pennies are dropping and balls are starting to roll. Equal and opposite forces have been in struggle, resulting in inertia. Now we are going to have some momentum instead.

Three months from the Democratic Convention, here’s a look at the prospects for D1 and D2.

D1: Hillary Clinton
Clinton is a Scorpio, the sign of the dominatrix and the obsessive-compulsive – the power and the passion. Clinton’s dominant Scorpio Sun and Mercury identify a steel-trap intellect and an iron hide.

Clinton has an unshakeable faith in herself which is more likely to be rewarded by the elected delegates than the rank and file. However, her sometimes rigid views can make her slow to react to spontaneous political strategies. She’ll be the one with the prepared material who fumbles when taken off guard.

The harmonious aspect of her Pisces moon to Jupiter suggest there is a very sensitive woman under the armour, although she will be the last to admit to weakness.

As a former First Lady – and probably the most politically engaged First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt – Clinton’s ability to withstand the hurricanes of office has already been proven. At 60, she has been through her second Saturn Return and is at the height of her leadership powers.

Mercury Retrograde in February saw her campaign appear to slow. She will have to watch the dangerous Mercury activity in August (see below). She will make a late comeback but I don’t think it will be enough. There is nothing inevitable about a Clinton presidency.

D2: Barack Obama
Obama is a Leo, the sign of born leaders, game show hosts and obnoxious people who take over meetings. However, there are open and trustable characteristics to the man which balance his ambitious ego. A grand trine in Earth means his spiritual leanings won’t become drivel (except perhaps with hindsight). He loves attention but has an earthy sense of responsibility; the spotlight he hogs is likely to be solar-powered.

His Mercury in Leo is opposite Jupiter, so he’s going to struggle with his ego. Having everyone tell him how great he is might not be a very good idea for a man with this chart. Pride is dangerous and showmanship can grate. If his attractions are eerily reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s before he took office, Hillary must be having a great time fighting this battle.

On the other hand, Obama’s Mars in Virgo is a great combination for a do-gooder public servant (Kevin Rudd has a Sun/Mars conjunct in Virgo, and appears to be quite the head prefect). If Obama makes it to President he will be adaptable, hardworking, excited by visions of positive social change, and irritatingly prone to self-aggrandising gesture politics. Even if he doesn’t win, he will have a regular spot on Oprah.

The Stars in August
I think we will know who the real leader is a few weeks before the Democratic National Convention (August 25-28). On 1 August there is a solar eclipse in Leo which will sort the sheep from the wolves.

The Sun’s arrival in Virgo in the lead up to the Convention will give the initial advantage to the mercurial Clinton. But Venus-Mercury conjunct in Virgo opposing Uranus suggests that people will not be at their most rational. There’ll be confusing emotional signals going on, a longing for symbolism and a repulsion for dogma. Obama is better placed to adapt to that fluidity.

Jupiter in Capricorn will bring public support to earthy characters. Pluto retrograde will mean the candidate perceived as more radical will have the advantage. The environment will also become a bigger issue than the immediate economic downturn – although that might happen too gradually to affect August, it will be a focus in November.

It will be an entertaining period for pundits regardless. Hands on hearts, lies on lips, accusations on headlines … sounds like good politics to me.

If it feels like the Democratic race is the real election already, that’s partly because November will be a much less interesting contest. The major alignment at that time is a Saturn-Uranus opposition forcing radical change. Strategies of attrition will be replaced by brickbats.

And besides, John McCain has a Grand Cross in the Mutable signs and is born under Saturn Retrograde, so he couldn’t lead the Queensland Liberal Party.

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