Take Burma or Watch a Million Die


The more gullible of us grew up believing that the United Nations was created to stifle aggression, prevent genocide and bring peace to the world. Unsurprisingly, we saw words like God, goodness, altruism, dedication and honour as synonymous with the United Nations.

We became a little disillusioned when the occupation of Palestine expanded unabated; when the CIA went unpunished for the torture and death of 30,000 men, women and children in Nicaragua; and I guess our innocence had necrosed by the time we realised that the UN actually precipitated and permitted the genocides of Rwanda.

But by this time we also realised that its creator, Nelson Rockefeller, owned the land the UN headquarters stood on, and also the banker shop-fronts we know of as the World Bank, the IMF and BIS; and of course, dominated control of the funds of these and the US Federal Reserve. His successor, David Rockefeller, created the all-influential Trilateral Commission and, along with the Rothschilds/JP Morgan, Leub, Warburg, Hill Samuel and a dozen or more global bankers, controlled every reserve bank and treasury in the world. Effectively, this financial elite is the United Nations. Our disillusionment was complete.

Unlike Charlie Brown, we lost faith.

But today we realise that the situation is not entirely lost. We can redeem ourselves.

All we need do is inform that incredibly ridiculous Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, that he is mobilising a global force to brush aside the Burmese military, and save the lives of a million people. Perhaps brushing is rather an optimistic word to use, but I would bet my last meal that the US knows damn well where every ammunition dump is, and a few other strategic targets besides. The cyclone damage will hamper the generals’ resistance.

Can I put this another way? The generals don’t give a fig for diplomacy and they do not want foreign rescue squads in the middle of pro-democracy regions. They will not let help agencies in, so we either force our way in or one million people die. How often in life are the choices so stark?

If we don’t do this, we should close down the United Nations for the farce that it is.

So here I am, lodging my vote for invasion. Betcha I’m on me Pat Malone. And, yes, I volunteer to go.

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