New Year Issue 2007


Welcome to New Matilda 123, our first issue for 2007 and the second of two special ‘best of’ issues we have published over the 2006/2006 Christmas/New Year period.

Today’s issue includes 11 pieces from 2006 that we in the New Matilda office thought should get another reading.

And this week’s editorial cartoon is supplied by Sharyn Raggett and was originally published to illustrate an article by Harry Horsefield on 24 May 2006: ‘Is a Chinese Civil Society Possible?’

Thanks to Sharyn Raggett

The New Matilda office will re-open 8 January, but if you are experiencing any technical difficulties please contact us via the email address:

The next ‘live’ issue of New Matilda (number 124) will be loaded up on Wednesday, 10 January. We will be back in the office and responding to our holiday emails on 8 January.

We all very much look forward to getting you the next issue of New Matilda for 2007. Take care during what remains of the holiday season and we look forward to the year ahead.


José Borghino

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