Human Rights Act Campaign

New Matilda‘s Human Rights Act campaign was born last year. Australia is the only Western democracy that does not have a Human Rights Act or its equivalent (such as a Bill of Rights). After an extensive process of drafting and consultation, New Matilda‘s Human Rights Act has been launched in all Australian capital cities over the past 12 months and we have recently shifted emphasis to political process.

On Thursday of last week, the HRA Campaign’s Chair, Susan Ryan, along with Professor Spencer Zifcak (the chief drafter of the Act), and Helen Reynolds, the HRA Campaign Coordinator, took on Canberra. This delegation met with the potential sponsors of New Matilda‘s Human Rights Bill. The Bill and Explanatory Memorandum have now been sent for conversion by the Senate Procedure Office for introduction to the Senate. So, the passage of the Bill into the Senate is now becoming clear.

We need the numbers in the Senate for a motion for the introduction of the Bill to be agreed, and for the Bill to proceed to the Committee stage after its introduction.

At this stage, supporters of our Campaign should send messages to their Senators or Federal Member of Parliament, with a focus on the Coalition and Labor Parties. If you’re not sure of their contact details, you can find them at the Federal Parliament’s website.

We urge all New Matilda subscribers to send letters, faxes or emails to all your State’s Senators and to your Federal Member of Parliament. It is best to put your support into your own words, but if you need more information click here.

Please let us know what actions you take, and any responses you get from Canberra:


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