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Human Rights

Dr Simon Evans Dr Carolyn Evans have welcomed New Matilda’s campaign and have offered extensive comments on the preamble and certain sections. Read their suggestions here.  


The Health Reform Group manifesto proposed by the newly established Hospital Reform Group has started a discussion on the forum:

The authors say there is not enough money. Right on! Why then are we even considering tax cuts? Smarter working, breaking down professional demarcation and medical dominance will not solve the emotional support and practical needs of families who have a member with a chronic illness or disability (Graham Vimpani)


Ryan Heath’s article, ‘Sticking It To the Olds’, attracted the most comments last week:

One day, Ryan, when you’ve accumulated some life experience, you’ll be embarrased when you recall this piece. We’ve been there, done that. Don’t worry though, you’ll grow out of it. (Terry)

The fact that these comments come from New Matilda subscribers is even more depressing. One of the most frustrating things about Australian society is that not enough citizens are willing to step up and engage in the public debate (Emma)

I would call Ryan’s piece the Virgin Manifesto – it reminds me of the energetic break all bounds capitalism of Richard Branson. Again, not sure of his age, but I suspect in Branson we have a prefiguing of Ryan’s go get it, but be nice kind of capitalism (mkconnors)

I loved this piece, almost as much as I hated it. It is stupid and smart in roughly equal parts and the rage of youth is always exhilerating, and much to be preferred to the apathy of youth (Graham)

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Jane Caro’s piece, ‘Vote for Women’ also drew many comments:

great article by Jane. Articulate and passionate, and a pleasure to read.

very well said jane

An excellent article Jane – simultaneously impassioned yet beautifully argued!

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