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SBS – What the People Want -Tell us what you think about public health.

‘We are continuing our collaboration with ABC Radio in Brisbane called "What the people want". You can see the site at At the moment we are surveying Queenslanders on the state of the public health system. If you are in Queensland and want your views counted please visit the questionnaire. If you know anyone in Queensland who might like to participate, please forward this email on. We also polled Queenslanders about the performance of their political leaders and you can see the responses on the site and on our blog.’

Australian peace activist, Ciaron O’Reilly, was questioned by ASIO agents in Brisbane after he arrived on a flight from Ireland on 3 February. Melbourne Indymedia

‘Fresh reports that coral on the Great Barrier Reef is again bleaching and a new scientific report that shows a one degree increase in global temperature would cause extensive coral bleaching should prompt the Federal Government to urgently cut Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.’ Reef bleaching demands action “ Australian Conservation Foundation

Those cartoons

‘The promulgation of such bigoted filth is, rather, bound up with a shift by the European ruling elites to line up more squarely behind the neo-colonial interventions of US imperialism in the Middle East and Central Asia. It is no accident that it occurs in the midst of the ongoing slaughter in Iraq, new threats against the Palestinian masses, and the preparations to launch sanctions, and eventual military aggression, against Iran.’ European media publish anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation, World Socialist Web Site


‘The administration’s success with Iran ends the diplomatic charade and paves the way for war. Now, UN Ambassador John Bolton will appear before the Security Council making spurious allegations of œnoncompliance  that will rattle through the corporate media and prepare the world for unilateral military action.’ Annexing Khuzestan; battle-plans for Iran by Mike Whitney, International Clearing House  

China and Google

‘On January 25, 2006, Google Inc. launched, a Chinese-based version of its search engine which filters and self-censors results from searches on terms deemed politically sensitive by the Chinese authorities.’ Not too late for corporate leadership February 02, 2006, HRIC (Human Rights in China)

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