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Is Religion Good for You? by Robin Grille led to this exchange between Grille and Corin, one of our regular commentators:

I’m having trouble placing the relevance of the piece. Help me understand what it is you think is secular and non-secular. Also when is secular good? When is non-secular bad? It doesn’t seem simple to me. Corin

Much as it galls me I find myself having to redress your stunning mis-reading of my article You are "having trouble placing the relevance" of a piece about one of the major sources of social unrest? I give up. Robin

Are you saying it’s not religion then? Only fundamentalism? Wouldn’t that kind of ruin your argument though? Cheeky me, Corin

My dear, oh-so-cheeky Corin: Well actually, that WAS the very point of my argument (sigh). Was I too subtle? Robin


This comment was posted on IR Vision: Re-inventing the Social Compact in which Dr Anthony Forsyth outlines his industrial relations policy vision for Australia in 2015  

Anthony, Would you have imagined Howard’s Australia in 1995? A Quisling government, propagating witchhunts to keep the population in fear, engaging in an illegal war, legislation to employ our Defence Force against this nation’s citizens and now an IR Act which Americanises
the workplace. Sadly at this point the plutocracy as won at State and Federal level.
But in 10 years we may be Facist or Socialist with a Central Goverment or a fractured Federation with States quite properly seceding from the dictatorship of Canberra.

So much for old Australia’s diversity and State competition. There is no variety in slavery.

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