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In the tradition of the Eureka uprising, Queen Victoria seditiously excited disaffection against herself by proclaiming that "Sedition is Sexy". This was the very same sovereign who reigned when 25 miners were massacred while fighting to defend their rights and liberties in 1854. Indymedia

New Zealand

KFC workers, some earning as low as $7.13 an hour, went on strike on Saturday December 3rd at the million dollar refurbished Balmoral KFC store in Auckland. More than 150 strikers and supporters turned up for the event, which was organised by the Unite workers union as part of the SuperSizeMyPay.Com campaign. Aotearoa Independent Media Centre


Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan came to the United States more than 25 years ago, and has been proud to be called an American ever since. This confidence in the inherent beauty and justice of the United States was betrayed on the night of July 27th, 2004, when Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan’s house was stormed, his family harassed, and the man himself arrested. As time went by, the allegations against Hamdan were revealed–he was a "national threat" for his work as a fundraiser for the Holy Land Foundation, a Muslim charity. FREE ABDEL-JABBAR HAMDAN

In a move that is certain to harden the battle lines among Democrats surrounding the Iraq war, a veteran union organizer will announce Tuesday that he is campaigning to unseat Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York. The Raw Story
"Those who stray from the heavenly way," the owner of the flagship Republican newspaper the Washington Times admonished an audience in Taipei on Friday, "will be punished."   Bush Meets the Messiah, By John Gorenfeld, AlterNet.


Major US news outlets are dodging the extent of the Pentagon’s bombardment from the air, an avoidance all the more egregious because any drawdown of US troop levels in Iraq is very likely to be accompanied by a step-up of the air war. Hidden in Plane Sight: US Media Dodging Air War in Iraq by Norman Solomon, Truthout

But among the Democratic foreign-policy elite, dominated by people who previously served in the top ranks of government, there are stark differences — and significant vagueness — about a viable alternative. Democrats Find Iraq Alternative Is Elusive – Party’s Elite Differ on How to Shift U.S. Policy by Robin Wright, Washington Post

Israel and Iran

WASHINGTON Geopolitical limitations render Israel’s air force militarily incapable of halting Iran’s nuclear weapons program according to a new report published the by U.S. Army War College. U.S. Army report: Israel can’t stop Iran nukes, World


As oil-rich Kazakhstan went to the polls Sunday police declared that a prominent Kazakh politician had committed suicide by shooting himself three times. United Press International


Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute, is tightening submission rules after a prominent journalist complained that an article falsely implicated him in the Kennedy assassinations. Wikipedia tightens rules following false article, SF

That Wikipedia entry about me is a bare-faced lie by celebrity guest columnist: John Laws, The Chaser News


Ayatollahs All – Time for a counter-fatwa. Stop the trigger-happy mullah’s law that only hits the victim, feeds bigotry and lends itself to lampooning. Ridiculous Fatwas by SABA NAQVI BHAUMIK ,


‘Apparently the commonplace left insight that mediated images can be tools for legitimizing inequality holds true for an analysis of CBS or CNN, but evaporates when the image is of a woman having a penis thrust into her throat with such force that she gags.’ Pornography Is A Left Issue by Gail Dines and Robert Jensen , ZNet

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