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Open Letter to the PM by John and Barbara Gunn  

After attending the Sydney performance of ‘SEDITION!’, John and Barbara Gunn have expressed their dismay with John Howard in an open letter:

Whatever laws you may pass to serve your power-preserving ends we will, both of us, be outspoken in public and in private, in our efforts to bring your actions as a Government into disrepute If these are acts of sedition, then so be it. To be imprisoned for such ‘sedition’ would be an honour ‘Let me state succinctly how my wife and I view our remaining years in an Australia polluted and threatened by your actions.

The responses have been overwhelmingly in support of the Gunns:

Cheers and best wishes to the Gunns, from a relative youngster (28). We’re not all plugged into whitebread Christian conservatism and our iPods! (Matthew)

what a wonderful heartwarming letter. my sincere admiration and thanks to mr and mrs gunn. we need many more like you. (tony kevin)

I would happily share the Gunn’s jail cell. (fingirl)

Well said John and Barbara Gunn. We are even older 94 and 84 – and very often feel very seditious. Our family history – although not in any way outstanding – can bear scrutiny of our pride in Australia and what Australia used to be (George & Margaret Lea)

Thank you John and Barbara . You have expressed our feelings also about this man (Chris Golias . A supporter of the Liberal Party for over fifty years.)

Other articles to provoke several comments last week are:

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In the health section of the policy forum, this comment was posted last week in answer to the question:   How should we provide health care?

We all contribute to society even if we are not highly paid we should all be provided for accorded to need some if you earn more good look so you should pay more. It is wrong that money gets you better health care we all contribute to society and money should not give the right to everything (sharenotgreed)

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