Week That Was


November 9

1526 Jews are expelled from Pressburg Hungary by Maria of Hapsburg
1865 Conf Gen Lee surrenders to Union Gen Grant at Appomattox
1918 Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates after German defeat in WW
1938 “Kristallnacht” (Crystal Night)-Nazi stormtroopers attacked Jews
1970 France mourns death of de Gaulle
1976 UN General Assembly condemns apartheid in South Africa
1989 East Berlin opens its borders

November 10

1871 Stanley presumes to meet Livingston in Ujiji, Central Africa
1928 Hirohito enthroned as Emperor of Japan
1969 Sesame Street premieres on PBS TV
1989 Guerrillas battle with government forces in El Salvador
1995 Nigeria hangs Ken Saro-Wiwa, writer and human rights

November 11

1620 41 pilgrims land in Massachusetts, sign Mayflower Compact (just & equal laws)
1918 Armistice Day-WW I ends (at 11 AM on Western Front)
1925 Robert Millikan announces discovery of cosmic rays
1942 During WW II Germany completes their occupation of France
1982 Solidarity leader Lech Walesa is let out of jail in Poland
2004 Yasser Arafat dies in hospital in Paris, aged 75

November 12

1775 General Washington forbids recruiting officers enlisting blacks
1921 Washington Conference for Limitation of Armaments
1927 Trotsky expelled from Soviet CP; Stalin becomes undisputed dictator
1939 Jews of Lodz Poland are ordered to wear yellow armbands
1948 Japanese premier Hideki Tojo sentenced to death by war crimes tribunal

November 13

1789 Ben Franklin writes ‘Nothing . . . certain but death & taxes’
1839 1st US anti-slavery party, Liberty Party, convenes in NY
1921 US, France, Japan & British Empire sign a Pacific Treaty
1956 US Supreme Court strikes down segregation of races on public buses
1985 Volcano kills thousands in Colombia

November 14

1666 Samuel Pepys reports on 1st blood transfusion (between dogs)
1906 Roosevelt becomes 1st US President to visit a foreign country (Panama)
1940 During WW II, German planes destroyed most of Coventry, England
1991 US accuses Libyans of Lockerbie bombing

November 15

1763 Charles Mason & Jeremiah Dixon begin surveying Mason-Dixon Line between Pennsylvania & Maryland
1920 Free City of Danzig established under League of Nations protection
1939 Nazis begin mass murder of Warsaw Jews
1977 President Jimmy Carter welcomes Shah of Iran
1985 Anglo-Irish agreement signed
1988 PLO proclaims the State of Palestine, recognizes Israeli existence

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