Katrina sent us this in response to last week’s editorial and the Human Rights Campaign.

In regards to your editorial and the Human Rights Campaign, it is an admirable move on your part and Australians deserve to have their human rights protected and should fully support it.

The rise of terrorism is for condemnation without a doubt. It’s been around in various forms in the past centuries and under different names. So, it is not new and it is not an invention of Bin Laden or Muslim extremists. People have been terrorised in various ways in the XVIII and XIX centuries and they still are but the sides have changed and the labels have changed. The terrorism that the media and politicians refer to at present is largely a response to American aggressive military, economic, political and cultural domination and intervention, presenting the American way as the only ‘proper’ way and patronising everyone on the planet . There is also a prevailing role of the media in supporting the notion that the American system is the only democratic one and hence a universal recipe for every country to adopt.

American politicians have used every excuse to start the war in Iraq: initially to free the world from the weapons of mass destruction that U.S. intelligence knew did not exist in Iraq; then to free Iraq from a dictator and show the world how only America can free the world from dictators (while being dictatorial itself); to help Iraqi people get freedom (from the dictatorial regime) and yet they never had less freedom than now. Iraqi people have no say in what is happening to their country now, America does. They have no say in who owns their oil resources, Americans mostly do. The same happened in the Balkans under the similar excuses of ridding people of a dictatorial Slobodan Milosevic. Now, it is the capitalist countries that own 80 percent of Yugoslavian infrastructure and dictate the rules, not the Serbian or Montenegro government or even less people.

And it should be an awakening call for people who still have some common sense left to ask themselves if terrorism indeed is just a creation of evil Muslims or a desperate measure that some took to protect their resources, religion and culture. The means that they use are no less evil and inhumane than the American use of depleted uranium that has destroyed the health of UN soldiers, reporters, created monumental increase in cancer and birth deformities for at least next 50 generations. When Americans do it they justified it, however catastrophic the consequences. When terrorists do it is unforgivable, evil and must be destroyed. By all means both are unforgivable and both forms of terrorism must be destroyed in their future attempts, American terrorising of developing and undeveloped countries and Muslim terrorising of innocent victims who happen to live in America or capitalist countries. Let’s present both sides of the truth. Humanity deserves it and we must be responsible to stop hiding the facts.

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